Saturday, September 18, 2010

Face lift...

As most of you have probably noticed, I gave my blog a little face lift!  Thanks to my sister in law, I learned how to add tabs as well!  While I only have two tabs,  "Home" and "About Me,"  I would like to draw attention to the "About Me" tab!  I wrote a nice little blurb (can that count as a post for the week? I sure hope so.) that I hope you enjoy!  I would also like suggestions for other tabs.

I love giving my blog a face lift!  It is like spring cleaning, a fresh start, a renewed energy for me!  I hope you enjoy it! 

Also, in addition to changing my blog, I am thinking about getting my hairs cut...  I need help though.  What do you think of the following styles?

1. I am mainly looking at the long bangs here...

2. Here is another one with bangs, but also with layers...

3. No bangs, but layers

4. Here is a bit more daring for me...

I have thin hair and I want to be able to put it up...a few bobby pins for the bangs are acceptable.  I haven't had layers in years and I haven't had bangs since grade school... My hair is currently the length of photo No. 2 & 3...  Help!  All comments and suggestions welcomed! 

Much love.


  1. looks good! you can also go to your design tab on your dashboard and pick from free layouts there too. that also allows you to change font and the width of your blog (i have mine wider than normal).

    for tabs i have an "about me", "purpose" (ppl like to know what your blogs about if their new), "contact me" and a "my boys" (pics and info about my family members). other blogs have a "favorite" tab with their favorite post or "blogroll" tab with the blogs they follow/like.

    i like the first two choices for hair. i like carrie's a bit better because i like layers, but i would start the layers lower. not at chin level cause i think it's a little too much volume by the face.

  2. I'm going to vote for long, side-swept bangs without layers as a beginning for you. I do not pretend to be a hair expert, but I know I'd personally take it slow with a hair transformation. So, I dig photo #1 and can totally picture it on you. If you love the bangs and still want more, you can go back for layers. I just think it's important that you're not self-conscious about the new 'do, so taking it slow should help with that.

    AND I'll be totally jealous. I have a pesky cowlick that prevents me from having long, side-swept bangs. Believe me, I've been trying to train my stupid hair to do that for a few years, now. Guh...

    Oh, and LOVE the new face lift (of course)!

  3. OK, so I think I am going to go with a hybrid between 1 and 3... I like the long bangs in #1 and I like the angle/layers in number 3... I might just take a plunge and worst case it grows back before Ryan gets home! As long as I have some length, I can play with it! My hair needs a major trimming.

    Kara, don't be jealous, you have amazing hair! And just so you know, cowlick or not, it's really hard to train your hair to do anything it isn't used to doing.

    MJ, thank you for the tab suggestions. I need to think long and hard about them because I don't want tabs that don't fit with my blog/goal.


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