Monday, September 13, 2010

...and tears flowed from thousands of miles away

When I was asked to submit a few photos for ship morale, I got really excited! My mind started going crazy with ideas and then I thought "What would Ryan really like?" With that, my entire goal was to make my husband feel like the luckiest guy in the world to have the love of a sweet little boy and me, his amazing wife! Through the help of some very talented and beautiful people, I was able to give Ryan the gift of the following pictures to which he saw while running on the treadmill, nearly fell off and started tearing up. Mission accomplished, my baby felt our love from thousands of miles away!

All photos of me are courtesy of Chloe Sherman Pepe


  1. It makes me tear up too! I cannot imagine what he is going through, but I am so happy that we were able to create beautiful photos to bring him some love! Thank you from the bottom of my heart darling!

  2. these pics are gorgeous! LOVE the one of you with the letters :)

  3. btw-the borders around my photos came with my layout. if you go into the design tab on your blog there is a color selection section and i think there's a box where you can select border color and other colors. if that doesn't work let me know!

  4. Love the new facelift on the blog!

    What GREAT photos of you (I especially love the last one of you) and Jared! How'd you manage to get such nice pictures of Jared (who, by the way, looks even OLDER than he did just a few months ago, WHOA)? Also, maybe the ship should give a heads up BEFORE rolling the photos, so the people on treadmills don't have to feel physical pain while simultaneously feeling love from overseas. Just a little something to drop in the ship's suggestion box....

  5. Marjorie - Thank you so much! Ryan really loves the letter one too!

    Kara - Thanks! I had fun giving it a facelift! My favorite is the last one too! As for te Jared photos, a good friend of Ryan's actually took them for me while Jared was visiting there this summer! She has a really nice camera and an eye for catching his personality! And yes, he is growing like a weed! I was on the phone with him the other day and he sounded older. :( I love the photos though! As for the suggestion box, I think Ryan missed the initial viewing and hence had a rough treadmill experience. If they hadn't been playing it in the workout room, I don't think he would have ever seen it, so in an odd way, I am glad he had to stop know what I mean!

  6. GREAT PICS ONE AND ALL! I'm sure he was thrilled beyond measure!

    Peggy XO


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