Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Peace Signs & Tie Dye...

My weekend started with a 4:10am drive north for a weekend of photo shoots (for my sweetie), girl time with my besties and a birthday bash with my favorite little sister! Thankfully the drive was super smooth and ended with a special pick up my wedding album! It's perfect! I can't wait to share it with Ryan!

There's nothing better than a tie-dye, peace sign birthday cake in the eyes of a 10 year old peace loving little girl! And with whom better to make this glorious birthday cake than with your big sister! Bonnzers and I spent the good part of our Saturday mixing and squeezing and spreading to create the most perfect cake for the most precious little sister!

The beaming birthday gal!

Now that is a cake!

As always, put a bunch of amazing people in a room and there is a bunch of fun to happen! There were aunts, cousins, friends, gramma, parents, doggies, and cooler than cool siblings to join in the celebrations!

More Peace Signs!
This is one of many gifts and a few peace signs!  The made out like a bandit! Lucky duck!

My new favorite shirt! (I was planning on it being a bit cooler when I decided to bring this shirt home)

Mama and Papa!
Now that is a smile Pops!  These two have taught me what being a family is all about!  I love them eternally!

My EXTREMELY handsome brother!
Update on him:  He is officially a licensed driver!!

This Pup is hard to catch looking at the camera...out of about 30 shots, this is the best one!

The Matriarch of the family!
Gramma is a champ!  She lets us carry her in the wheelchair up and down the stairs without a flinch! And she's always up for a party! 


Oh the joys of being a tween

We ended the night with a little star gazing...or better yet, Jupiter gazing!  Yes, I saw the ring around the great planet and the four moons that appear to be in a line from my parent's front porch!  We dusted off the old telescope, played with the zoom and focus and saw the man on the moon up close and personal!

The night ended with w little Sequence (the new coolest game of strategy in my life) and a two hour viewing of the halfway DVD!  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this dreaded deployment is over halfway done!  Yippidy Doo Daa, Yippidy Day! I'm a happy wife!

Well, that's all for now, but keep an eye out for some more posts because I got my hair cut, have received letter #114, photographed my dad's gardens and snapped some quick ones of my beautiful 6 month wedding anniversary white orchid that I love dearly!!

Much love.

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