Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oregon Trip to Our Little Sweetie Pie! (Day Two)

We all got up bright and early to eat a great continental breakfast with eggs, sausage, cereal, muffins, toast, fruit, juice and of course coffee before we took Jared to school. While Jared was at school, Ryan and I went to Oregon State University and purchased a few shirts and hats for the boys! They sported the hats all weekend long! After seeing the campus, which is beautiful and HUGE compared to LaSalle, we stopped Marysville Golf Course where Ryan golfed almost every single day while we was in college. I met some of the nicest people in the entire world there! The owner and his family are such sweethearts and treat Ryan like a member of their family! It was a great time! Ryan and I got Mexican for lunch, drove by his old house and picked Jared up from school!

As promised the night before, we went to Wunderland after school. It is an arcade place across from our hotel that Jared absolutely loved! You paid an entrance fee and then received a bag of nickles instead of tokens! It was pretty cool!  Ryan played Big Buck Hunter while Jared ran from game to game and I photographed the experience and played a bit!

Happy and holding his nickles!

Driving like a Nolan!

Cruising in Style - notice the feet

After the arcade, we walked next door for dinner. Ryan and I got the salad bar while Jared ate pizza! It was a kid geared evening to say the least! We all had a blast!

Daddy and Jared at dinner

Sarah and Jared at dinner

If you notice, he won the ball, the plane, the wrist band and the candy in the bag at the arcade! 

Following dinner we did exactly what you aren’t supposed to do after eating…we went swimming! The pool was locked, so we had to wait a little while for the door to be opened. The wait was worth it though! We swam, jumped, played keep away, and just had a blast in the pool! There are no photos because I am pasty as pasty gets and there was no way I was about to document that!

Showers, PJs and reading following quickly after for Jared had school the next day. He loves to read to us!

Daddy and Jared asleep (I think Ryan is faking, but Jared isn't)

Good Night and Sweet Dreams! xoxo

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