Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oregon Trip to Our Little Sweetie Pie! (Day One)

On Wednesday, Ryan and I woke at the crack of dawn to fly from Norfolk, VA to Portland, OR. We had a wonderful day filled with overweight luggage, flying, a 4 hour layover in Chicago, a delayed flight and Oregon drivers…slow and the long awaited hug of Jared!!! All travel irritations were forgotten the second we saw that smiling faced little boy jump out of the car and into Daddy’s arms!

We all jumped into the car, Ford Escape to be exact, and headed off to the Phoenix Inn; our family was complete again! The hotel was awesome – great continental breakfast, awesome fluffy beds, indoor pool and hot tub, oh and the price was right!

(Waiting in the lobby while Daddy was checking in!)

After we checked in, we went to Shari's for dinner and had breakfast! Omelets, pancakes, bacon (Jared’s favorite), grapes and hot tea! It was chilly with on and off rain the entire time, so hot tea was a must for little old me!

(Ryan and Jared at dinner!)

After dinner, we ran to Target for the odds and ends we forgot and we headed home for a relaxing evening in the hotel.  Luckily we have a little reader on our hands and Ryan and I got to relax while Jared read "The Diary of a Wimpy Kid" (the red book) to us and made us giggle!

(Ready for bed and reading to us!)

The night ended with hugs and kisses!! Oh and a tickle fight like always!

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  1. OMG! I read all the DOWK books! I love them! and I can only imagine how much better they are when he reads them to you!


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