Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Wedding Day Morning (Pre Church)

My alarm went off at 7:30am and anybody who knows me knows that I like the snooze button, so I hit the snooze for another 15 minutes! I got up, showered (without washing my hair), and did all my make-up in 30 minutes. I threw on Ryan's snap-up dress shirt and my "Malecki" sweats. My thinking was that it would be the last time I could truly wear my last name on my booty! And I was comfortable! I went over to my parents for a few minutes, grabbed my veil and was out the door for my 9am hair appointment with India! I was so cool, calm and collected that I shocked myself! While getting my hair done, I was singing to music, answering text messages and laughing at my curled, teased, and majorly sprayed hair! In the end, I LOVED my hair! It was ten times better than the trial run!

I got in my brother's car, drove home and was welcomed by my family, Jamie and Maureen! My mom had a huge brunch ready to eat and Maureen started on Bonnie's hair (which came out beautifully)! Delia, Sarah and Amy arrived shortly thereafter with make-up, curling irons and wrinkled dresses in toe! Jamie, Amy and I set up my clothing steamer for the first time and dewrinkled Amy's dress, Carl's shirt and all the girls’ shawls. We were all so calm! The flowers arrived and they were gorgeous, all but mine. I took one look at it and started making my own from the extra white Anastasia roses I had left over from the centerpieces. I put my Granny's rosary in it and wrapped Ryan's grandmother's handkerchief around the stems. It looked 100 times better and made me happy because I made something that I carried down the aisle!

Within the next 30 minutes, Delia shuffled me back to my parent's room to get dressed. She had me all tied up within 15 minutes, I put my veil in, got my shoes on and then started crying. My mom actually started it and then I started and then Amy lifted up her beautiful bridesmaid dress to reveal her black, granny panty girdle! Golly do I love her!

The photographer, Neil, arrived shortly thereafter and the photo shoot began! The living room was completely rearranged thanks to the wonderful help of Sarah's tall Carl! That was all pretty much a blur until we went outside and took beautiful snow photos in the driveway overlooking the creek and woods! Then it was into my little scion tC and off to the Church to get hitched! My dad drove, I was in the passenger seat and Bonnie and my mom were in the backseat. Carl drove the minivan with Delia, Sarah, Jamie, Amy and Maureen and Tom drove the Nissan with Kelly, Mike and Emily.
Once we got to the Church, I ran into the school gym to go to the bathroom and a little girl said, "Mommy, look a princess!" My heart melted! I went to the bathroom and then walked across the parking lot and hid out in the crying room so Ryan couldn't see me!  I was all smiles and walked down the aisle by my wonderful and loving father!


  1. had the same bad experience with the trial hair run through. thank goodness the day of came out right. i really love the style you got done! i also slept really well the night before the wedding which i think says a lot; i wasn't tossing and turning about my decision. love that a little girl called you a princess! how incredibly sweet!!! you definitely looked like one :)

  2. Hey! Thanks! I agree that a good night sleep before your wedding day says a great deal about the decision you have made. And the princess thing was absolutely perfect! I felt so special and I made her day!


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