Wednesday, March 17, 2010

20 Wedding Day Facts

I got this idea from a friend and thought it was a perfect way to document the little memories!  Thanks MJ!

Unique Wedding Day Facts:

1. I slept with my little sister, Bonnie, the night before my wedding.

2. My Dad saw my dress for the first time when I was completely dressed the morning of my wedding! (I got dressed on my parent’s side of the house in my parent’s bedroom)

3. I walked into Johann Pachelbell “Major in Canon D” because I got married in the Catholic Church and they do not look highly upon “Here Comes the Bride”

4. Ryan and his groomsmen (aside from Tom) all wore black suits as opposed to tuxes

5. I made my bouquet the morning of my wedding because I hated the one that the florist delivered. I was super calm and all my bridesmaids were in shock.

6. Something Old:

My Granny’s Rosary – My father’s mother was an extremely devout Catholic and prayed the rosary daily. She passed away January 2, 2009, so by carrying a rosary of hers, I felt her presence and believe that she, along with my grandpop and grampa, had the best seats in the house!

Diamond Earrings that Ryan gave to me for our first Christmas (2008) – It meant the world to him that I chose his earrings to wear of all my options. Knowing that it meant so much to him made it that much better for me. I love him!

7. Something New:

My Wedding Dress – It was one on the first 4 that I tried on (can’t remember if it was number 3 or 4) with my mother and Laura H at Country Bride & Gent in Northwales, PA.

My Shoes & my Veil – I purchased them in San Diego at Prevue. I sent photos to my mom and bridesmaids for approval before purchasing!

My Cape – My mom made me a beautiful, floor length cape with fur trimming and a matching stole for me to wear on my wedding day! It was perfect! (Bonnie also had a fur stole and a muff!)

8. Something Borrowed:

Ryan’s Grandma’s Handkerchief – every Nolan bride has carried it for over 60 years. It is handmade and absolutely beautiful! I was honored to carry it on my wedding day. I wrapped it around my flowers.

My Gramma’s Diamond Necklace – my mother’s father gave it to her mother when they were married. It was a simple and extremely elegant necklace that meant the world to my mom and gramma that I carry.

9. Something Blue:

My Bride Undies – I had white satin undies with “Bride” written in blue on them.

10. Ryan and I danced our first dance to “Soulmate” by Josh Turner.

11. My Dad and Ryan’s Mom surprised us with the songs they chose for us to have our Father-Daughter, Mother-Son Dances. My Dad chose “Turn Around” by Nanci Griffith and Ryan’s Mom chose “Blessed” by Elton John.

12. We sat at a sweetheart table with our bridal party at two round tables next to us.

13. Our DJ was my maid of Honors brother! He did an awesome job and worked really well with us!

14. I ordered the flowers for my centerpieces over the internet. They arrived at 10:30am the Thursday before the wedding and I cut 300 rose stems in my kitchen and put them into 5 gallon buckets in the basement.

15. The Friday before the wedding, Delia, Mom, Dad, Ryan, Jared, Bonnie, Peggy, Karin, Bruce, Johnnie and Don all went to the reception site and decorated – centerpieces on tables, favors on the table, card table, gift table, sweetheart table, etc.

16. Jamie, one of my bridesmaids, made Ryan a Boston Red Sox Groom’s Cake!

17. My organist’s appendix burst the Tuesday before my wedding (she was ok, but had to get emergency surgery), so I had to find a new organist. My cantor saved me and called upon her vocal coach to fill in.

18. Ryan and I drove away from the Church in his F-150 decorated with blue, white and red streamers, coca cola cans and a HOT PINK “Just Married” sign on the back!

19. We stayed our first night in the Hampton Inn Hotel and walked down to the lobby in the morning for a continental breakfast with all of our guests! It was perfect

20. We took the train from Lansdale to 30th Street Station to Penn Station and then hopped into a taxi and arrived at our honeymoon destination…Time Square!

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