Tuesday, March 9, 2010

From Sunny San Diego to Snowy Philadelphia

The last month of my life has been amazing and extremely fast paced! On February 5th, Ryan, Jared and I packed up our lives in San Diego and headed east for snowiest winter in Philadelphia's history! Ryan drove the entire way with my car on a U-Haul trailer! He is simply amazing! It started pouring rain before we left San Diego (the County must have been crying knowing we were leaving!); it was icy across much of the route 40 (Old Highway 66) and we woke up to 6 inches of snow in Arkansas! Yikes! We decided to try to out run the storm as opposed to be stuck in a hotel for an extra three days! It was a success, but not without much caffeine, 3 books of Harry Potter on tape, an amazing road tripping kiddo, a talented and ever so handsome driver and a good intentioned panicked fiancé! All in all, we drove over 900 miles on the last day (from Arkansas to Chambersburg, PA) and made it safely home to my parents' house on the afternoon of the 9th!

Significant Memories From Our Trip Across Country!

Day One: 02/05/10
Rain on I-5 North
Hell's Angel Biker Dude passed us on I-5
Train with three lights in a triangle rolling through Arizona! It reminded us of the Polar Express!
Purple Baja Bug!
Snow in Arizona
We stayed in Williams, AZ at a Days Inn for $50 inclusive of tax!

Day Two: 02/06/10
Grand Canyon - 33 degrees F; drove through snow and ice
Traveled through Arizona and New Mexico
Sign "Do Not Pick Up Hitch Hikers - Prison Nearby"
Saw a HUGE fire on the side of the road
"Petrified Wood"
Short, toothless, giant-eared woman at truck stop in Williams
3 Old Mexicans leaning on an old gas station wall - straight out of a movie
Hippie Ice Cream & Coffee Rainbow painted bus
"Meteorites for Sale"
Painted Desert
Mustang Police Car
Stayed in Tu-Cum-Cari
Ryan and I stayed up and talked while Jared slept like a baby in the backseat!

Day Three: 02/07/10
Tucumcari, NM, Texas & Oklahoma
Foggy all day
Big Cross
Yukon = "Home of the Cattle Workers"
Passed a Vet with a F150 while hauling a car (12,000+ lbs.)
Toby Keith "I Love This Bar & Grill"
"Field of Dreams"
Stayed at Super 8 Motel
Bunch of deer on the side of the road

Day Four: 02/08/10
Arkansas to TN, Mississippi River
Woke up to 6" snow
Drove through nasty snow
Crazy redneck gas station had an overflowing gas pump...ours...
Jared fell in mud "trying to help"
22+ cars off the road because of snow/ice
TN Rest stop was closed with no signs...we all had to go so badly
Stopped in TN (right before WV) for dinner
Ryan and I stayed up until 2:30am driving
Every time we decided to stop, the off ramps were completely ice and we kept on trekking - the fear of ice keeps you awake
Drove all the way to Chambersburg, PA

Day Five: 02/09/10
We got up at 9 and ate breakfast
Almost got in an accident because of a police car
Watched a semi get pulled over
Missed our last exit...AHHH (because of the police car)
Dropped off the U-Haul
Got to my parents' house
Played in the snow
Paid florist for wedding flowers

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  1. this was a neat post! that's great you kept a little record of all the little things that made your trip. what great memories they will be! the part about jared falling in the mud is my favorite because it's such a classic thing that happens with kids/road trips :)


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