Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bye Bye GT Mustang...Hello Ford F150!! & some Wedding planning updates!

The weekend finally arrived!  This past week was a long one because Ryan and I were looking for a 4x4 pickup truck in San Diego.  On the East Coast, 4x4 trucks are the norm, but NOT in San Diego.  We searched several dealers, used car sites, etc. and after having a horrible inspection report on one we loved, we were a little discouraged, but thankfully on Friday we found our new baby!  Ryan and I (well really Ryan) traded his Convertible, Mustang GT in for a Ford F-150 (the first of three steps to a minivan according to his buddies)!  It is a great truck and will get a lot of love!

Wedding Progress...The flowers are ordered!  I am a bargain shopper and I have not strayed from my roots while planning my wedding!  I double, triple check prices, search for online coupons, verify everything that is included with the price, etc.  While this may take up hours, days, possibly weeks of my life, I enjoy it and I am proud of my purchases and not breaking the bank!  Ordering the flowers from 3,000 miles away was a challenge for me.  My father has always beautifully landscaped my home property, so I was picky about the kinds and the exact colors of the flowers that my girls would carry.  I want them to stand out and look fabulous!  Hopefully all the emails, phone calls and recommendations have paid off!  I will find out on February 20th!  No matter what, I will be the happiest bride because I am marrying the man of my dreams and my best friend!!
My next task is to create the perfect playlist for the reception!

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