Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Wedding Creations!

The Flower Girl Basket!  White Satin (scrap from JoAnn, Purple Ribbon that matches the bridesmaids dresses and the bow on the flower girls dress and a silver flower (JoAnn $2) that matches the maids trim.  My 9 year old sister is the flower girl, so it is a larger basket and not too frilly.  She wanted to match the bridesmaids as much as possible!

The Ring Bearer Pillow!  Better known as the Ring Bare Pillow!!  He's a cutie!  Ryan's 7 year old son is the ring bearer and helped me design this!  He gave me permission to put purple on it because his daddy said "Real men can wear pink and purple!"  I have not put the ribbon for the rings yet because I am still debating on how to attach them exactly.

Wedding invitation from Affordable Wedding Invitations!  It was so easy to order exactly what I needed without any extra fluff!

I wish I had more photos to put up, but since I am 3,000 miles from the wedding location, I have order most of the items to my parents house and them flown home to arrange them.  After the wedding I will put pictures of up the centerpieces, cake I designed, favors, programs, etc.!  Oh and photos of my dress, veil, etc. will come later; it's a surprise!!

Also, some really helpful websites were:
for my wedding website
for bulk white roses, orchids and greens
for votiv candle holders and candles (extremely affordable!)
(also extremely affordable and came out beautifully!)
for my centerpiece vases
Michaels 40% OFF COUPONS
for wedding accessories/save the dates/etc.

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