Monday, December 30, 2013

Cute Christmas Kiddos

I wasn't able to post these pictures because Blogger wasn't cooperating for me for a few weeks, but I fixed the problem after much troubleshooting and some much needed time over Christmas break.  

I present to you two of the cutest kids I've ever met!  They;re spunky, sweet and super adorable especially since it was such a rainy, cold day.  Miss April absolutely loved the camera and Mr. Trey wasn't nearly as impressed.  I'm not sure if it was the camera, the weather or the hat... 

We did a mini session that was supposed to be 30 minutes, but rapidly became a 15 minute session due to weather.  Even with the limited time, I was able to capture several good photos of the entire family and the kiddos!

 A little girl and her daddy!  This photo melts my heart ever single time I look at it! 

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Much love.

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