Saturday, November 16, 2013

Engagement Photos at the Homestead!

I went home last weekend to hang out with my sister, renew my license, visit my Gramma, hang out with my parents, visit with friends and take engagement pictures of my best friend and her fiancĂ©!!  They are two of the most beautiful people, so my job was really easy!  I am working towards creating a portfolio for my photography business.  I adore capturing moments and I love the creative outlet of photography.  Since I am a financial analyst by day, dancing and photography on weekends and  evenings are my saving grace.  My dream is to one day be a self-employed photographer.  I don't ever want to loose my love for photography.  If that starts to happen, I will most likely cutback and refocus. 
I created a website that is still in the making, but if you want to look at it and make any suggestions, I'd truly appreciate it - Turnaround Photography
Here are some engagement photos! 
My parents barn, which is an rundown, rustic, missing a few walls barn, makes for a great background when you are up close, so I took full advantage of it!

The trail in the woods made for easy access and an abundance of nature!  There were red berries that added just the right amount of pop.
Who doesn't love the bright yellow leaves and a laughing candid all in one?! The foliage up north and the love these two have are beautiful!
Kevin had these shirts made for a family event, so they decided to where them for a few shots!  I love when clients add personal touches to the shoots. 
Here's another gem that Kevin requested!  He loves fishing and hunting.  Jamie isn't a fan of hunting, so he went with the fishing theme (smart man) and asked that I take pictures of their rings on his fishing hook! 
Last, but certainly not least...they climbed onto a fallen tree and I ventured into the creek to get this shot...which just so happens to their favorite photo of the session! 
I hope you enjoyed the little engagement photo show!  I had a blast photographing them and cannot wait to take some photos on their wedding day, when they have babies, and the list goes on!
Much love.


  1. Betts! Your photos are awesome!

  2. Wow! Those photos are AWESOME!!!


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