Sunday, November 17, 2013

39 Weeks "Out of the Belly"

This little guy was in his mama's belly for just over 39 weeks and today marked the exact number of days of his life that he was in his mama's belly!  His mama requested that some of the photos from her maternity shoot at 39 weeks be mimicked, but other than that I had free range to take candid photos of this cutie and his mom and dad!  The pictures were taken at the exact same location and we lucked out with a beautiful 65 degree day in mid November!  Crazy Awesome luck!  Mother Nature was definitely on our side today! 
He's learning to stand on his own, climb a lot and every now and then he'll take a step.  Today at the beach, he stood for quite some time.  The sand added some anchoring for his adorable little footsies!
This is a mimic of a picture that was taken when his mama was 39 weeks pregnant.  Now he's super adorable and sitting in her lap! 
 Well isn't he just the cutest and coolest little dude! 
This is another mimic of when he was 39 weeks in the womb.  He wasn't too into looking at me or smiling, so this is the best we could do.  It's challenging playing peek-a-boo when you are taking pictures!  He's teething so, the finger sucking definitely portrays a phase in this little dudes life.
Oh heavens!  His papa is so much fun!  He adores being thrown in the air and I am so happy that I caught this moment!
The "standing" family.  He loves being on his feet!
This is hands down one of my favorites.  I love that his mama is kissing him, he is looking at me and his papa is in the background looking at them.  This is completely unposed and perfection in my book!
Sand tastes good to baby boys.  It's a fact.
This is another favorite of mine.  I adore the way C man is looking at his mama kiss his papa!  And I love his papa's sweet expression. Candid photos are my favorite!
 Last, but certainly not least, the tongue.  He's thinking.  He's determined.  He's cute.
*All photos taken by Turnaround Photography.
Much love.

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  1. Beautiful pictures, Sarah! My favorite is the threesome with Mom kissing Dad and baby sweet! Love you!



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