Friday, September 13, 2013

Time for a Chop.

I need to cut my hair. 
Heck, I really want to cut my hair.
But I am so indecisive.
I wish there were wigs that I could try on.
I know it's hair and it will grow back.
But to have an idea of what I will look like with short locks would be nice.
I am thinking of having the longest strands at my collarbone and the shortest ones at my chin.  I will NOT be getting bangs because I'd like to look at least half my age.  Bangs instantly make me look 14 and I definitely don't want to go that route.  I may do the long angled bangs, but not traditional bangs.  The bigger question is, do I angle it shorter I the back and longer in the front OR do I do long layers and one general length??  Help!  This is me with my long straight hair:
This is a horrible picture, but you can see the length - bra strap length.
  These are my favorite options for my future chop-a-roo:
Option 1: Angled
Option 2: Keeping some length, long layers

Option 3: Shorter with long layers and long bangs
Option 4: Very close to option 3 with a side part (my natural part) and a little shorter
Please. Please. Please give me your honest answer.  Which one's your favorite for this round-faced brunette?!?

+Quickly growing hair
+Foam rollers that loosen tight muscles.

Much love.

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