Sunday, August 25, 2013

Campsite Photography Fun!

First of all, I love having friends that let me practice my photography on their kids!  Thanks Heather!  Second of all, I have tons of fun ideas for photography props, but I haven't had much time to make them and put them to good use.  For our first photography session, we went their backyard!  Luckily, their backyard is gorgeous and doesn't contain neighbors!  They are the best kind of backyards in my opinion. This is the first of hopefully many fall photography sessions with little C-man.   
Welcome to the campsite!
 I headed to Home Depot yesterday and got some 1x2 wood cut to 6 feet, along with some twine.  Then I headed to the thrift store and got some sheets to use for the tent material.  Total Home Depot bill: $10.07.  Total Thrift Store bill: $2.12. 
What's a campsite without a dog?  This is Zeek.  He's pretty cool.  I dig his eyes.  
One thing to remember when you are working with children...they are human and not always super happy and full of smiles.  Little C-man is teething and he wasn't totally into having his picture taken, so there weren't many smiles despite some wonder singing of Old McDonald and I love You a Bushel and a Peck... It's ok though.  We captured teething C-man and some different facial expressions. 
Oh my heavens, look at those eyes and that face.  He was content, but definitely not his happy self today.  Poor little guy.  He kept smacking his lips and sucking on anything that would sooth his gums.  Here he is mid lip smacking. 
Oh the drool!  That's a dead giveaway that teething is in process!!  I adore this tongue picture!
Little C-man sitting up and sucking his thumb.  Balancing was hard outside because the ground was slanted, but we helped him out with a boppy pillow under the blanket.
Sometimes a little change creates just enough distraction!  The hat did the trick for a few moments!

Being outside really helped C-man!  He is a definitely a little outdoors man and digs the fresh air!  We gave him a little space from the lens and just let him hang out. 

When you subject decides looses his balance and is completely happy on his back, let him be and work with him! 
Candid and lifestyle photography are two of my favorite photography styles.  I really enjoy capturing moments in life that people can look at, feel emotion, and relive the moment or moments like it.  It's not traditional photography, but it speaks to me.  I prefer to observe an interaction and capture it from my angle.
I hope you enjoyed little C-man at his crafty campsite photo shoot!  Please leave any and all feedback.  I am continually working on my photography skills.  This is the first of many sessions that I will be holding throughout the fall. 
Much love.

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  1. I love the pictures, Sarah! I think my favorite is the one where he is sucking his thumb...showing all that sweet baby skin that we all love to kiss and hug! Great job! Love. Mom


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