Monday, May 6, 2013

JR aka Bubba

J.R. aka "Bubba" is raising Money for Connecticut Children's Medical Center! He just spent a week at CCMC and sadly isn't a stranger to the medical center, but he is such a happy and strong little boy with an amazing twin sister, baby sister and mom and dad!  Together they are trying to raise money to give back with the hopes that they can help other children receive the loving care that Bubba has.  

Please consider donating here today! Every little bit helps!

If you can't donate, don't worry, just vote for the little cutie here! He is the bottom left Superman!

And most importantly, say a little prayer for all the children who are in need of medical care, lots of love, and every one's prayers!

Now enjoy some adorable pictures!!  This mama and papa makes some cute kiddos!

JR at the March of Dimes in 2012
Photograph by Farrell Photography

Photograph by simplyKstudio Photography

Much love.

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