Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dirty & Colorful

This weekend was full of mud, color explosion, friends, and running! Saturday started with an early wake up call, spinach and eggs and coffee for breakfast, and hot pink and black running attire.  That was just the beginning to a very eventful morning.  A couple girl friends and I teamed up for the Dirty Girl 5K Mud Run and it was a blast!  As you can see, we were exuding excitement and energy before starting the race!
The race was for women and only women which made it super fun!  There were kids, grandmas, teens, mamas, everyone and anyone!  The team names were hilarious!  "Jiggling Jugs" was one of my favorite ones! 
We scaled walls, climbed ropes, crawled through mud pools, ran, slipped, and laughed a ton!  It was an absolute blast and we got muddy!!

Yea, that's me on the left.  Go Big or Go Home is my motto!
After the race, there were showers to clean off at and being that I have never showed on site after a run, I had no idea what to expect.  Well, I walked into the tent and it was full of naked or virtually naked women of all ages and sizes.  While I was slightly shocked, I was not at all self conscious of stripping down and I was thoroughly impressed by how comfortable and confident so many women in their bodies.  It was one of those moments that I will remember for a long time because there are so many articles, shows, theories, studies on how insecure women are with their bodies.  Well, go to to a mud run and shower with a bunch of women and you will realize that there are a heck of a lot of confident, beautiful women in this world.  There will always be insecurities, but always remember that we are unique and beautiful in our own special way.   Thank you to the wonderful women at the Dirty Girl this weekend for the reminder!

Sunday was another early to rise morning with more eggs and spinach, but this time instead of hot pink and black running attire, it was white and COLOR!

J-man and I were headed to our very first Color Me Rad 5k!  J-man loves to run, so I have adopted the hobby so we can share something together and so that I can help him pace himself.  He likes to sprint and then virtually walk and then sprint and walk...not how a race is run.  This was the largest scale race he has ever done and it was a roaring success!  He let me pace him and was a little frustrated in the beginning because he really wanted to run ahead, but by the first mile marker, he was quite happy running the pace we were going (approx. 10 min/mile).  
There were five "color stations" that we ran through.  A few were dry cornstarch and food coloring and few were colored water and corn starch.  Oh heavens, the color was flowing and J-man was all about it.  I swear every color thrower loved him and targeted him!  He just has that "throw the color at me" look about him.

Moldy looking teeth.  I'm in his glasses!
I picked up the pace at the 2.5 mile marker (or what felt like the 2.5 mile marker and turned out to be right) and J-man turns to me and says "Can we run faster?" to which I reply "We already are."  He gave me this look of "Oh really, I don't think we are."  Less than a minute later, he says "Yea, we are running faster.  Is the finish line close?"  I just chuckled and said "Stay with me."  We slowed a bit, but the second I heard the music and could see the finish line ahead, we sprinted.  He did phenomenal!!  I am so beyond proud of him!  He crossed the line with a huge smile on his face and then said "I can't feel my legs, but I felt like I was gliding at the end!"  That is exactly what I wanted him to experience.  He finally ran a race at a good pace with a nice close and he knew it!

Happy kiddo!

We did it!!  My elbow is still stained blue because that's where I sweat.  lol

To close the day off, we cleaned, gardened and made homemade tomato soup, little man's favorite!  I used some herbs from my garden too which makes me so very happy!

I hope your weekend was stellar!
Much love.

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  1. I love that you run with Jared! Looks like you had a blast at both your runs. I'm jealous! Oh, and it sounds strange, but the first time I had to shower in front of a lot of other women was kinda liberating. There really is no reason to be embarrassed!


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