Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Derek Hough + Virginia Beach = Happy Sarah!

Do you watch Dancing With The Stars?
Have you ever watched Dancing With the Stars?
Do you know the hot blond, Derek Hough?
Come on. I know you secretly adore him.
He's cute.
Has wicked  awesome moves.
Uses his hands when he talks.
Flirts with old ladies.
And smiles a lot.
Oh yea I met him on Saturday.
I kept my cool.

On Saturday, Derek came to Virginia Beach for STYLElicious A Show for Women and Arthur Murray Virginia Beach franchises opened the show!  Wendy and Taras are absolutely stunning dancers.  They feel every ounce of the music through their bodies.  It's breathtaking and beautiful.  I know I say this often, but I truly am extremely lucky to be part of such an amazing studio.  The passion, the love, the true friends that I have made, the exercise, the high expectations, the constant challenge, the's perfect!

For the ladies... DEREK HOUGH!
I adore the facial expression!!!  
He's a hand talker!
Asking a lovely lady to dance!
Rocking the dance floor and I seriously mean rocking it!  The both had moves! Just check out the faces in the background! Everyone was stoked!! I will be her when I'm 70+ years old!
Much love.

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