Monday, April 1, 2013

Botanical Gardens

My parents came down to my house for Easter weekend and I was far less prepared than I every imagined I could be.  I cleaned, but I didn't scrub.  I went food shopping, but I didn't prep food very well.  I did laundry, but I didn't iron.  I did a lot, but I didn't do everything.  It was good for me.  I stayed a bit more relaxed because I always had something to do.  Having my family here was amazing! They make me so very happy!  The are easy going, interesting and just love doing things.  Since my dad is a huge flower gardener and my mom loves vegetable gardening, I took them to the Botanical Gardens.  While most flowers weren't in bloom yet, there were still some beauties!  I was able to take lots of pictures and my dad made a list of about 10 flowers that he wants to add to his property!  Bonnie and Mike had fun tromping around too!  Bonnie misses her siblings, but especially Mike, dearly.  

Purple Daisy

One of my favorite flower pictures of the day.


Pansies for my best friend who lost her mother at a young age, but to this day plants pansies every spring because they were her mama's favorite!

My little sister who is growing up far to fast!  She doesn't look it in this picture and that's why I love it!

I love the way the sunlight is shining through the petals of this tulip. 

It's a daffodil (I think).  I just love the antique look of this picture. 

Sibling love!  This was them a lot of the time.  They are wonderful together!

The prettiest blooms are under the tree where the elements are more gentle. 

Simple and Pure.

My loving and completely adorable parents!!  So happy they are mine.
I hope your Easter was beautiful!

Much love. 

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