Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Little Boys & Valentine's Day

So, I was being extra thoughtful and bought a little Valentine heart for little man to give to his little girlfriend.  He was totally excited about it!  That evening I walk into his room and he had a ribbon tied around the heart with a note and…a $5 bill.  Oh No Way is he giving his girlfriend, who I’m not sure actually likes him because she is always hanging out with other boys too, his allowance money from the past month.  I resolved that issue seamlessly with one swipe of the $5 bill. 

So, now I think we are on the same page with this Valentine’s Day present thing.  Boy O Boy was I wrong!  I should never assume that a 10 year old boy thinks even remotely like I do; it’s a mistake I make often.  I walked into his room the next night and I see that the plastic around the heart box is off.  That’s odd.  I open the box to see if he put something in it and it’s EMPTY.  He ate the chocolates. Ahh!!  I grabbed the box and just stared at him.  He looked at me and then down at the floor immediately and said I didn’t want to give them to her.  I’m making her something else. He is a smart boy.  He knew he wasn’t allowed to eat those candies. I simply told him that he had just eaten his Valentine’s Day present and I hope he enjoyed them. When I go out of my way to buy a present for him to give to someone else, that does not mean that he can then decide to keep it for himself. 

Ugh...this is just the beginning.  A little lesson on not buying, literally wish cash, someone's attention is necessary.  He is the "yes man" with his friends most of the time and that scares me.  I want his friends and girls to like him for who he is.  He's sweet, a little space cadet-ish at times, super energetic, adorable and overall a great kid.    

Much love. 

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  1. Oh no! Sounds like a typical 10yr old boy. I say next time he has to buy the Valentine's!


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