Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Little Back Surgery

***I received permission from my husband before posting.  I am not a horrible wife. I just enjoy documenting life, the good, bad and ugly.  This is ugly.***

My husband has had back pain since May 2012.  At first the doctors thought that his glut was tight/cramped around his sciatica nerve, so he went to physical therapy for a few months.  The pain only worsened, so he got an X-ray and his spine was a little out of whack, but nothing crazy.  An MRI was the next was a bulging disc. More, but different physical therapy was prescribed.  The pain still worsened, so he saw a neurological surgeon.  The first opinion was to get a cortisone shot.  I didn't like that option at all.  I am anti cortisone shots.  The second opinion was surgery in two weeks. While a drastic change to the shot, the better option and the only option that would actually fix the problem as opposed to masking the problem. 

On Friday, Ryan and I got to the hospital around 11am and he immediately was checked in, clothing stripped, blood pressure taken and photos snapped.

Then came the tights.  They remind me of my gramma because she has poor circulation in her legs.  It was quite amusing for me to see him in stockings and him experience the "itch" that comes along with dry skin and tights. 

After the immediate check-in, we waited and waited until 2:30PM, a full two hours after the pre op was supposed to begin.  This was one of the hardest parts of the day.  The anticipation of surgery, being surrounded by other patients, smelling those hospital smells and trying to be super calm and supportive were agonizing for me.  I focused on reading and observing how others were handling their nerves.  If I ever had to do a study on behavior in nervous/tense situations, I'd head to a pre op waiting room.  

When we finally were called to pre op, Ryan was a happy boy.  He handles his nerves by cracking jokes and laughing.  I on the other hand get really quiet.  So, while he laughed and joked around, I hid behind the camera.  (My excuse was that these pictures are for his mother that always took pictures of their boo boos!)

The neurological surgeon stopped by and made sure were didn't have any questions, then the anesthesiologist stopped by  and prepped him for the "good stuff."  

With IV in, I knew he wasn't going anywhere, so I took pictures of his feet.  There is absolutely nothing flattering about hospitals aside from babies!!  Adorable, super sweet and lovable babies!!  (My friend is in labor and I am soo excited!)

The anesthesiologist came back and gave him the good stuff.  Literally, in less than 3 seconds he couldn't speak clearly and started apologizing to me and puckering up.  His eyes were glazed and he was gone in about 10 seconds.  

He was rolled away and for the next three hours I waited in a room with other people waiting for their loved ones to come out of surgery.  There was a first time father waiting to hear about his baby and wife who was undergoing an emergency C-section; both mam and baby are doing just fine!  A few kidney stone patients...both 21 year old boys.  They are ok as well.  Three hours is a long time to wait by yourself with complete strangers.  It wasn't enjoyable, but it wasn't horrible thanks to the people in that waiting room.

I finally saw the surgeon walk into the waiting room and look at me.  I knew instantly that he was fine.  Eyes and body language tell you a lot.  The doctor told me that I he can stroll with me and eat dinner with me, but that he won't be driving me or dancing with me anytime soon.  That was his way of saying everything went as planned, but he did just have back surgery, so be patient.

The next time I saw him, he was being rolled up to his room, didn't recognize me immediately and looked like this. Thank God I have been around hospitals quite a bit because if I hadn't known that he was going to look like death was knocking on his door, I would have puked, cried and absolutely freaked out.  Instead, I said Oh you look good honey, how ya feeling? No response.  He was in and out for about another 45 minutes.  

It was a rough night for the both of us.  There were certain things that he had to be able to do before a certain time and he hadn't successfully completed them by the time I was sent home around 9pm.  Needless to say, I worried and tossed and turned all night.  He on the other hand completed the functions, was drugged up and slept like a a rock.

The next time I saw him, little man was with me and Ryan was up and walking.  Jared laughed at his robe, socks, pretty much anything. Ryan thought he was invincible on Saturday when he walked out of the hospital.  Little did he know that his world would be rocked come bedtime. 

Last night and today, Sunday, were rough.  Lots of pain, little movement.  Thankfully, I am in my productive zone.  The house is clean, laundry done, dinner prepped and bagged for the entire week, science plant cell project finished, puppy walked, food shopping done, church attended, and shoes purchased! Oh and now, I am blogging, drinking some nonalcoholic Ginger Beer that is amazing and watching the Grammy's!!!

Have a wonderful week!  If I don't blog much, it's because I'm acting as a single parent this week and that is not an easy task. 

Much love.


  1. Ah poor husband!! That must've been crazy painful :/ I'm so glad the surgery went well and let's hope the pain is gone forever.

    I can totally understand how hard this must've been for you too; it's the worst to see our big tough men in such vulnerable situation.

    Your little boy is so cute! :)

    Have a great week!


  2. When is the surgery to fix his face. That is what looks truly painful. Look at picture 9, a lot of work to be done. -Tom

    1. haha! That is a bad picture.

    2. Tommy, You are so bad!

  3. How long does recovery take till he will be "back to his old self"?


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