Thursday, February 28, 2013

Coffee Talk: Joy Dare Collection

Oh Coffee Talk time.

Parenting has been a struggle recently.  The lying.  The blaming. The crying. The carelessness. Ugh.  He can be so sweet one moment and so very upsetting the next.  Me being sick hasn’t increased my level of patience either.  Oh and don’t get me started on the lack of homework and the condescending email from his teacher when I asked about the lack of homework.  Ahhh!!!

Instead of ranting this entire post, I want to talk about the “Joy Dare Collection” that I am participating in.  It consists of writing down approximately 3 gifts every day of the year and is otherwise known as the “Count 1,000 Gifts” dare!  I love it!

Feb 28 – Three gifts from the past that help you trust in the future
  • 1.       My childhood education where values, morals, hard work and a love of learning were instilled in me.  If I have to home school my children, they will have a strong education that they will be proud of.
  • 2.      The love and patience my parents shared with each and every child.
  • 3.      The times when I cried myself to sleep because I thought I was fat, ugly and had no friends, yet my mother and father would stay with me, tell me I was beautiful and love me.  Today I am proud of the woman I am and think very highly of myself.  I am beautiful and I deserve to be happy. 

Please feel free to join in and share what three gifts from the past are that help you trust in the future.  I’d love to hear!

Here are the calendars for January, February, March and April!

Much love. 

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