Sunday, January 20, 2013

Time In the Woods

Today was absolutely gorgeous!  I mean perfect!  You know when you wake up and see the sun streaming through your window and you just know that you have to be outside?  Yea, it was one of those days today.  Mother Nature was calling my name and I answered!  Little man, Lir-Lir puppy and I headed to the local park and explored the trails less traveled.  Oh it was a gem of a day.  The path less traveled is always worth the journey.  Little man said today was the best day at the park!  That made my heart swell!  Love him to pieces!  

Here's our day through photos!  They truly tell a story of our little journey, but I'll be sure to add my thoughts throughout. 

Our adorable puppy was in "sniffing" heaven.  Oh the scents were strong today and she was happy to be prancing around in the woods!  Little man walked logs, found "perfect" sticks for arrows and talked about the book James and the Giant Peach.  I am so happy that he enjoyed both the book and movie!  I'm the stickler who makes him read the book before watching the movie because the book is sooo much better and because a promise of a movie night is a great tool to get him to read a book fast!

They were a little team today!  We took Lira's leash off and let her roam freely!  She loved it and was really good at staying with us.  Jared was really good with her too!  She was his little sister today.  I really enjoyed watching them interact while taking pictures.  We only saw one person while hiking which is exactly how I like it.  Being one with nature on such a beautiful day was exactly what my soul needed.  

Look at those sweet faces.  I just want to hug them!  Oh wait, I can and I do often!  They were having a blast today.

Happy Weekend to you!
Much love.

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