Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fun Times!

Life has been busy lately and not necessarily busy with what matters.  I’ve been working a lot, running out in the evenings or various events and cleaning in my spare time. Those things do not equal fun for me or for the kiddo, so this weekend I decided that I was going to put cleaning on the back burner and little man on the front burner.  Granted, this is my intention every weekend, but things always come up and the weekend becomes far from relaxing and fun.  Well, this weekend I succeeded with flying colors at making it a fun, kind friendly weekend! 

On Saturday, we had a relaxing morning of sleeping in, making breakfast, watching documentaries and then headed to Michael’s to find the perfect frame and matting for Jared’s WWII plane print!  This was #1 on his list of things to do this weekend!  He did a wonderful job at picking out the frame and the matting!  And the bonus was that everything was on sale!  $15 dollars later he had the perfect frame for his awesome print!  Just look at that face!  Pure joy!

This was my special present to him for Christmas, but we forgot to bring it to my parent’s house, so he received it late…really late because I had every intention of framing it, but looking back, I am really glad that I let him choose the frame.  It was a big thing for him!

After Michael’s, Jared, Lira and I headed to the local state park!  I already blogged about our little hike here, but overall, it was the perfect day to watch little rascals run through the woods, play Indian and chase each other!  I just hung back and took pictures.  It was perfect for me.  My heart swelled and is still swollen from that short time in the woods. 

Saturday afternoon I made little man’s favorite soup…tomato soup!  He was in hog heaven and kept saying, this is soooo good!  I soaked it all in because I don’t cook that often anymore given that I work longer hours than my husband.  Weekends are my time to shine and I did with my tomato soup on Saturday evening!  Heck yea!  After dinner, we headed to Mass and attempted to go bowling, but it was soo crowed (every single time we attempt to go bowling, the wait is over an hour and we end up leaving).  Instead of bowling, we went home and watching The Dark Knight Rises with some friends while eating ice cream!  It was a really great movie!  I know, I am way behind the times when it comes to movies. 

Sunday was nice!  It was a true family day.  We slept in a bit, brewed a nice pot of coffee, I made breakfast and we all went to the aquarium.  The original plan was to see an iMax, but we arrive a few minutes too late, so we decided to visit the aquarium instead and it was a blessing in disguise!  A) I love aquariums! B) We were on our feet as oppose to sitting. C) It was a beautiful day and being outside for part of the experience was amazing!  The sharks and turtles were super active!  Sadly I didn’t have my camera because the plan was to see an iMax.  Luckily the iPhone does a fine job at capturing moments.  Sometimes I am oddly happy to not have my camera because I live more in the moment as opposed to trying to capture a shot. 



After the aquarium, we headed to Pi Pizza for lunch!  Amazing pizza to say the least and a freakin sweet name!!!  Nerd alert! I love π, like really love 22/7, 3.1428571…you get the drift!  Math is fun people!  The natural question to ask any child at Pi Pizza is if they know what Pi means…he had an idea, but nothing too clear.   I am proud to say that he knows now.  While having this discussion, we tossed around a play piece of pizza dough!  Super nasty for me, super fun for him!

Sunday afternoon…the San Francisco 49ers won.  Husband is happy.  I had two friends over and we crafted…well, I crafted and they chatted with me!  I’m making burp cloths and a baby mobile for an expecting friend…the one I took photos of a week or so ago!  Here’s the work in progress…


Yup, this lucky lady had off on Monday!  Thank you MLK!  I love long weekends, like really love them!  Husband golfed in the morning, so Jared and I went to the Military Aviation Museum!  This child loves WWII planes and knows his stuff!  The 80+ year old veteran that toured us around kept telling me how impressed he was with his knowledge and interest in the planes.  It was a proud moment for me.  When Jared sees planes, his eyes light up!  This was a big event for him and one he really, really enjoyed!  I’m glad we were able to share another moment this weekend!  

Jared and our "Antique" tour guide chatting about planes!

Jared and his P-40 (this is the model plane he received for Christmas).

Now that's a real smile!!
Hanging out in an old Jaguar!  
After the museum, we headed to Flip Flops Bar & Chill…yes Chill, not Grill…to meet up with Ryan and his golfing buddy for lunch.  It’s a place that was featured on Triple D and since we were near it, we figured we’d try it out.  Super success! I had a rare tuna sandwich that was amazing! 

That afternoon, I finished some crafting, went food shopping, did some laundry and then got ready for a girl’s night!  It’s restaurant week here, so a few of my favorite local ladies and I went out to dinner!  Oh my heavens, it was amazing!  I ate out a lot this weekend…not good for my waistline… Being surrounded by girl friends that are like sisters, chatting about pregnancy (because two are preggers), our husbands, moving around, work, and just life was so nice.  These ladies are smart cookies with big hearts!  I love them dearly and will miss them terribly when they move away. 

After dinner, we watched the Bachelor.  Yes, I am a faithful follower.  Never missed a season.  Never will. It’s my guilty pleasure.

Much love.

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