Thursday, January 3, 2013

Coffee Talk: 2013 Style

It's Coffee Talk 2013 Style with Natalie!  Heck yea! 
1. It's 2013! What will be the first thing you do that is memorable?
Only time will tell... so far I had a good day at work and a great double dance lesson...
Oh and this little lady is pretty freakin adorable!!  Love her!
2. It's also income tax season... what do you plan on doing with all of that $$$?

Going on a vacation to somewhere exotic!  I haven't been on a vacation, a real one that doesn't revolve around visiting family, since my honeymoon almost 3 years ago.  That's so not good.  Somewhere like this will do!
Exotic Bungalows, Vacation, Tourism, Landscape

3. What are your 2012 pros/cons?
  • Restructuring family life around two FT working adults.  I used to be a graduate student and was always home to make dinner, clean the house, do errands, help with homework, attend school events, etc.  Now I work longer hours than my husband, only make dinner on weekends, clean on weekends and am always on the go.
  • My mood. It has been crappy lately. I've been a worried mess.
  • Arguments.  I am not one to argue, but this year has been quite different. I feel like it's been a year defined by "discussions" and I hate that. 
  • Lots of relationship issues among friends & family.  Being that I care about them a lot, these issues took a toll on me too. 
  • Celebrated my 2nd wedding anniversary...soon to be 3rd.  
  • Started dancing!!  Love it!!
  • I'm in better shape than I have been in a few years.  I feel strong, lean, and sexy!  It's a great feeling!
  • Enrolled little man into CCD so that he can be baptized!
  • Celebrated all holidays with family!   
  • New job!  Money, money, money!
  • Crafted a lot and got much better at photography.  I'm not great, but I'm better.
4. What are you looking forward to this year?
  • Being happy and living in the moment.
  • A family vacation to the Outer Banks, and by family I mean all 5 siblings, significant others, and parents!!  Heck yea!!  That will be a first for us!
  • Spring DC Freestyles
  • My bestie moving to DC!!  She's only going to be 3 hours away!  Oh My Heavens, I am very happy girl! The Sarah's will reunite again!
  • Completing my first half marathon
  • A vacation with just my hubby to an exotic place!
5. What was your favorite movie, CD album, book of 2012?
I take it we are talking released in 2012...This is going to be rough.  I'm generally a little behind in CDs and REALLY behind in movies.  Books, I'm good on though.
Bloom: Finding Beauty in the the Unexpected -- a Memoir
 by Kelle Hampton
The Lorax.
I really wish I could say Lincoln or The Hobbit or Les Mis because they all look amazing!  If only I watched movies in a remotely timely fashion I'd have a better answer for this one. 
"Some Nights" by Fun.
Fun - Some Nights CD Cover Art
These are also good:
"Love is a Four Letter Word" by Jason Mraz
"Blown Away" by Carrie Underwood
"Little Broken Hearts" by Norah Jones
"The Truth About Love" by Pink
Much love.


  1. I know what you mean about being in a crappy mood and arguments. That was sooooooo me too!

    I heard about that book Bloom... but when I heard what it was about, I couldn't bring myself to read anything sad. Just can't.

  2. What's been going on? Seems like you are stressed lately and there's tension.

  3. Oy. Me too. 2012 was a cranky year for me. Here's to a new year, and a new start!!


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