Sunday, November 4, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend was awesome! 
Friday evening I went dancing and saw some friends that have been traveling for work the past few months, so it was glorious to reconnect and work on some dance moves!  I also met a few new people.  Meeting new people who are beginning to experience a love of dancing makes me giddy! As always, it was a fun night of dancing!  Dancing with different partners is a good gauge for me to determine where I am progressing and where I need work in my dancing.  It's good for me.
Saturday was insane. I did The Great American Mud Run and made it into the paper!  Out of the 2,000+ mud runners, a picture of me was chosen... It's like I'm famous!   Bahahaha! 
I'm the one in the center with a huge smile and a mask on my forehead!
This race was insane.  It was only a 5k which is easy...normally.  This race, as you can see was not just a run or even a mud run, but rather a 13 obstacle mud run.  There were multiple water obstacles in 43 degree weather.  Holy freezing batman! 
The obstacles included:
A tire run...
Two mud crawls with barbed wire...
super muddy and freezing cold due to the foot of water
Monkey bars over water...
would have been easier if I could have felt my hands and if the person in front of me was actually moving...I fell...actually...I back was ugly. 
Netted rope climb...
easy for a painter's daughter. Ladders have been part of my life since I can remember.
An 8 foot wall
I'm weak.  That was an epic fail.
Sugar Cookie...birth canal
under a wall and roll through sand..yea.
Mud hills with water pits in between...
totally doable, but totally freezing.
Rope balance across a creek
Wow.  I did it, but my chest is bruised from leaning into the upper rope so much.  Thank heavens for team work because I would have been in that creek without it. 
Rolling Barrels over a pool of muddy water -
I fell in. No one successfully completed this obstacle, so I don't feel bad at all.
The birth canal...tunnel crawl
We sang happy birthday on the other side and wished everyone coming out a very Happy Birthday!  We were delusional!
The fire jump...easy
Rope wall climb with a slide into water...
that actually felt warm after what I'd been through.
Finally...another mud crawl under barbed wire.
Needless to say, I am fried.  My body is bruised and muscles are cramping, but I had a wonderful time regardless of the insane chills.  I wouldn't do another one in November, but if there was one in the summer months, I do it for sure!  The water would be refreshing instead of deadly.
The rest of the day I crafted a lot.  I am trying to make lots of Christmas presents to save money and to have more meaning to my gifts.  I'd put pictures up, but that would be a spoiler for some of my readers and I refuse to have that.  I am all about surprise. 
Sunday stayed with the Christmas theme.  Jared looked through toy magazines and marked what he wanted, I added Christmas presents to a wish list on Amazon, and we took Jared so that he could try on super skinny jeans.  Yes, I said, SUPER SKINNY jeans.  It was a challenge for hubby to see his little BOY in SKINNY jeans, but we let our children express themselves and he totally digs the skinny jeans.  He actually looks pretty cute in them :)  They will be a Christmas present.  No purchases have been made yet. 
We also splurged and got The ELF on the SHELF because we are all about making new traditions for our kids.  Neither hubby or I grew up with the elf on the shelf, but we have heard wonderful things about it and really want to make it a part of our children's lives.  Jared is excited about it too! I think I might be the most excited one though.

The rest of the weekend was spent cuddling, cleaning and lounging around with friends and family.  It was glorious.

Much love.


  1. glad the mud run was so much fun!! i can't wait to buy my elf on the shelf! :)

  2. Sounds like your weekends just get better and better!

  3. go you!!! new year's goal is to do something like this next year.

    yay, elf on shelf!!!


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