Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weekend Update

Its Monday and its actually a little chilly.  Ok, it only feels a little chilly because we just had 4 straight months of 90+ weather with high humidity and strong sun, but I am going to rock with the chilly and be happy because its the first glimpse of fall so far!  I wore a scarf today because my office doesnt believe in opening windows or turning the AC off, so I am FREEZING.  I also refuse to wear pants, so its partially my fault.  Oops!
This week is absolutely crazy for us, so I am super glad that I cleaned the entire house this weekend and finished all the laundry!  I generally try to get all my cleaning done before Monday, but most of the time I am at least going into Monday without the laundry being finished.  Not this week. Go me! 
Our weekend was fun!  Friday night I danced and posted about that below.  Saturday, little man and I cleaned in the morning and then went to a WWI Air show with some friends!  He was in heaven looking at all the planes, telling me everything he knows about them (which happens to be an insane amount), staring at guns, walking through the mock camps, watching planes fly and eating a shaved ice. That evening we all went to a birthday party for one of my friends!  Great friends, good food, homemade games, it was a blast! 
Sunday morning little man and I went to church and met up with some friends, then we headed home, finished cleaning and went golfing with Ryan. 
We only played 9-holes and I shot 47 on a par 36.  If that doesnt mean a thing to you, dont worry.  Its a big deal for my husband because I broke 50.  It was whatever for me.  After golfing, we went out for fish tacos and then gelato!!  Yum!  I got pumpkin spice and vanilla bean!  Holy heavenly pumpkin pie in my mouth!  Totally worth the calories.

A walk with my lovelies and puppies concluded my wonderful weekend!  I love nightly girl walks!  We are safe because we have a Boxer and a Mastiff mix. 
How was your weekend?  Here's a cute baby to put a smile on your face!

Much love.

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