Friday, September 28, 2012

Night Before Freestyles...

This post is for my own documentation and for my dance teachers to know what a newbie like me is thinking and feeling about this whole dance competition event...*cough* Taras this is the first of several posts for you.
Tomorrow I will be driving to DC and competing in the Arthur Murray DC Freestyle event.  It's my first dance competition and I am beyond excited!  I thought I would be more nervous than I am at the moment, but then again sleep hasn't come to me yet, so maybe I am nervous...I am visualizing every dance step in my head and repeating mantras such as shoulders down, head high, long back and neck, follow my lead, stress the hold, and the list goes on. I had two great practices this week and absolutely love and trust my dance teachers.  I know this will be a wonderful experience for me if for no other reason than I will be doing something I love to do...dancing. 
I have the biggest suitcase I own packed for TWO DAYS.  Normally I can pack pretty efficiently, but I threw all my normal packing rules out the window for this weekend.  I need to be prepared for everything and anything...bobby pins, safety pins, needle and thread, multiple dresses, comfy clothing, costumes, dance dresses, dance shoes, regular shoes, camera, bag, jacket, tons of makeup and hairspray, fake eyelashes, curling iron, straightener, a book of course and other randomness because I just don't know what I am going to need.  If I could pack my steamer I would...I hate wrinkles. 
This time around there are three ladies, including myself, competing from the Virginia Beach Arthur Murray Studio.  We are all in different levels; I'm the least experienced, but I plan on watching them closely and learning as much as I possibly can from them.  I also plan on taking lots of pictures and documenting this event as creatively as possible.  It's like Dancing with the Stars in person!  That's what I told my little sister who just happens to be celebrating her birthday today!!!  Happy Birthday little sister!  Love you and see you tomorrow!!!  My parents, sister and brother are all coming to see me dance!  They've never seen me dance, so this will be nice for them and for me. 
Tomorrow morning I am cleaning my car, packing my car and hitting the road.  Eeek!!  I am soo freakin excited!  I belong to the best studio ever!  Great teachers, amazing students and just a wonderful energy!  This evening I received so many supportive and loving posts on facebook from other students and my heart swelled!  Thank you lovelies!  You are beyond sweet!  I plan on making you very proud! It's almost dance time!!  Heck, it's always dance time! 
If you think this post is all over the place, just imagine what's going on in my noggin!  I'll try to post a bit this weekend, but no guarantees. 
Much love.

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  1. Can't wait to hear how it went!


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