Sunday, September 9, 2012

9/11 Hero's Run

This morning Jared and I and a few friends from work ran the 9/11 Hero's 5k!  There was an emotional ceremony to start the race off.  Testimonials of loved ones who sacrificed for this country through all branches of service...military, fire fighters, police officers.  The National Anthem was sung with pride, the colors were displayed, trumpets played for the unknown soldier.  It was very emotional. 
The weather was perfect!  It was overcast and 68 degrees!  We haven't felt cool air here in months.  It was perfect!  Since it was Jared's first 5k, I had to take a few pictures.  Here he is before the run:
Here he is after the run:
Here we are after the run:
I have this little problem...I always have to go to the bathroom (#1) about 2 miles into the race.  It is horrible, excruciating bladder pain.  I purposely tried not too drink much water the morning of and it will happened.  Any runners out there that have strategies for not having to pee during a race.  Maybe I'm just messed up, but it's annoying.  I ran about a quarter mile off the route to the bathroom and then back and finished the race in 32 minutes.  Horrible time I know, but hey, I technically ran 3.5 miles and I went to the bathroom. In all seriousness, I'd love to not have to stop in the middle of a race to go to the bathroom.  Help please. 
Jared did great!  He sprinted in the beginning and then realized that wasn't the best idea (even though I told him multiple times not to sprint in the beginning).  Listening isn't his strong point these days.  He is in that "I know it all" phase of his life and in reality, he knows very little.  I cannot wait until this cocky phase is over...I pray and hope there actually is an end to it because if there isn't, he will learn the hard way.  Overall, it was a fun race and everyone did great!
Much love.


  1. I work with some pretty serious runners and they have a dirty secret. Really though its dirty as in super gross. A lot of them wear a pad to run and just pee their pants and pull the soiled pad out after their run. I was so disgusted when I learned this.

    1. CRAZY!! That thought never crossed my mind. I don't know that I am that serious, but maybe one day. lol.


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