Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I Wish I Was...

Not sitting at a desk all day. But I do.
Writing creatively…about woodland fairies that enchant forests and dance among leaves that act as shelter from storms and predators.  I blog to fulfill a bit of my writing passion.  I need to be more confident in my ideas and abilities.  Writing is something that has always been part of my life...thank you notes, apology notes, reports, journals, pen pals, etc.  It helps me to put my feelings down on paper.  We all have our thing.  I just need to embrace mine a bit better. 
Crafting.  Oh the things I would make if money and time were endless.  And if I didn’t constantly think for every hole I put in the wall, I will have to spackle and paint it in a few months…  Oh how I loathe renting. 
Hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains, camping in the wilderness, swimming in fresh streams and rushing waterfalls…enjoying nature and all its wonders.  This is a must for this fall.  J-man and Ryan better brace themselves for some sweet camping trips planned by yours truly!  It will be fun.  Lots. Of. Fun. Yippy!
Taking B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. photographs.  This is something that lots of research and practice will help.  I just need to find the right books and make time to really work on my photography skills.  I am constantly amazed by some of my friends who have become great photographers and have such busy lives. 
TOTALLY RANDOM... I want to be a mama again. I have baby fever badly.  It literally came out of nowhere.  I have been so content on not having a baby for a long time, but over the past week, holy cow, baby fever hit me and hit me hard.  **This does not mean that we will try to have a baby now.  It’s just a fact.  I have baby fever. Period.**
Surrounded by family and friends.  They are my world.  They get me, make me laugh, love my quirks, accept me for me, support me and challenge me, and are emotional saps that are passionate about living full and amazing lives.  I love my family! 
Turning up the music, slapping on an apron, and hitting the kitchen dancing and baking with a little J-man!  Time to make hubby chubby!!  Muhahaha!
Rock on!  Have a wonderful week!
Much love.


  1. my favorite: hiking the blue ridge mountains! : ) and swimming in streams! your pup would love it!

    1. I've never done it, but I really want to! I grew up with streams and woods, so I know I love it. I just haven't dedicated a weekend to it in a long time and I miss it. My pup would go insane! She'd totally love it!


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