Monday, June 4, 2012

Mini Bucket List

Well, the past two weeks' bucket lists have been quite successful, but I have a sick feeling that this week won't be quite as successful because I am one tired lady!  This past weekend I danced, cleaned the beach (30 lbs. of trash is gone!), trimmed my hedges and hauled the trimmings to the back pile for 3 hours (holy sore arms), went to the beach, watched some pups, attended two baseball games, went to Church, went shopping, cleaned a bit, killed ants that seem to be invading my house, and the list goes on...needless to say, I'm a little tired come this Monday morning...and afternoon. 

This weeks bucket list:
1. Learn how to make a movie montage.  Once I learn, I want to make one for my Gramma, one for my friend who moved away and one of this past weekend!  We saw the Blue Angels!  Eeek!  They are the sexiest piece of metal ever. 
2. Listen to some live music this weekend...thinking Harbor Fest!
3. Purchase and wrap all of Ryan's birthday and father's day presents.
4. Make something cute in my house.  I need more cuteness.  :)
5. Blog with pictures.  I have been failing at that one.  
6. Finish a book.  I am in the middle of two. One needs to be finished.

Crappy internet picture, but aren't they sexy?!?!  Yes, is the correct answer.

Happy Monday!
Much love.


  1. I LOVE the Blue Angels!! I have been able to see them twice, once near DC and once while at Parris Island!! They truly are amazing! As for sexy- UM YEAH!!! :)

    1. I will be posting more photos either today or tomorrow (having issues with my photo editing program *tear*). The Blue Angels were amazing!! I'm glad you're on deck with them being SEXY!!! I've never lived that close, but I've always lived within an hour of a base and going to air shows was a big thing as a kid! I just think they are so neat!

  2. I live near a large air force base and they do an air show every May. I am used to big B52s flying overhead but during the air show they pull out all of the cool jets. They fly so close over our house that you can hear the windows rattling. It sounds like a air attack. They are so cool!!


    1. That's awesome! I live near one now, but not as close as you do. I know the sound and feeling from being at friend's houses and it is really cool!


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