Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Graduation is a time of reflection, of moving on and of celebrating your accomplishments!  My little, well, younger, but much taller, brother graduated from high school yesterday.  Sadly, I wasn’t able to attend, but I have seen pictures (Thanks to facebook and his girlfriend who posts pictures at rapid speed…totally love it!) I’ve also gotten the recap and mood of the day from my mom and the graduate!  Mom’s recount was sappy, sweet and completely endearing.  Mike’s recount was along the lines of “I was so ready to be done. It was good. Speeches weren’t so good.  LC is changing.  Traditions are being lost. It’s a good time to be graduating.”  After an hour long and extremely insightful conversation with my brother, I have fully realized that he is a young man.  I love the way he thinks so thoroughly, the way he feels honestly, his strong confidence that is becoming more silent with each passing day, and the passion and dedication he has for life. 
As St. Francis de Sales once said and my dad quoted…
“There is Nothing so Strong as Gentleness, and there is Nothing so Gentle as real strength.”

This quote sums up my brother perfectly.  I am proud to be his sister.  Greatness awaits him and I am excited to see in what form he embraces it!  Make us proud little brother.  I love you!
P.S. Yes, I am an emotional sap right now.

Here are some photos that I am sharing from facebook…
Mike, his lovely girlfriend and a friend
National Honors Society! Carrying on the tradition!

 My family with Mike and Meg.

 The graduates with their mothers and grandmother.

The love birds!
Congrats you two!

Much love.

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