Friday, May 25, 2012

Mini Bucket List Update

Betty’s Mini Weekly Bucket List

1. Go on evening walks at least twice this week…company optional. Done and done!  Evening walks with my pup have always been very nice and needed.  This week, they were essential! 

2. Swim in the ocean & walk along the beach - I'm proud to announce that I completed both of these multiple times this weekend and they were wonderful!  The ocean felt so refreshing.  The sand was exfoliating and the sun made my super white body glow!

3. Edit photos from this weekend, PRINT them, FRAME them creatively, and BLOG about them. I’ve edited most of them, posted them on facebook and have blogged about some of them.  I think the Printing and Framing part of this goal is unrealistic at the moment because the week has taken a slightly different turn.

4. Try a new recipe.  I made homemade chicken and vegetable soup with homemade bread on Tuesday which was amazing AND I made this other chicken casserole thing which wasn’t that great.  Win some lose some.

5. Send out Mother’s Day cards with J-man’s baseball photo in it (Yes, I am horribly late with these. The presents made it, but the cards didn’t.) I sent them.  I'm ready for some laughs.

6. Send a present to a lovely friend who is expecting. Ok, so the package isn't in the mail yet (I forgot it today), BUT it is all packaged up with a sweet note! 

7. Enjoy a glass of wine, good music, fresh air and candles on the back porch. This one had a little twist to it.   I enjoyed a glass of wine, a good friend and cute big puppies TWO nights this week.  And I went to trivia with a bunch of girlfriends one night!  I’d say I’ve accomplished the “relax with a glass of wine” aspect of this goal and I am quite happy with the twist.

8. Smile…a lot. Even if it’s hard. Doing it.


  1. Smiling can make a bad day seem not so bad. :)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

    1. Yes, it can! It's only recently that smiling has not been my norm. I am working hard to get my gap-toothed smile back :)


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