Monday, April 2, 2012

Opening Day!

J-man is on The Cardinals for minor league baseball this year!  While, it's not the Phillies, it is the defending World Series Champs 2011 team, so it's pretty cool!  He looks super studly too!
 ...and the age of the fake smile is still alive and well. :)
This is one of my favorite photos!  I was trying to be creative and capture the teams lined up through the fence while also framing Jared.
The made a pretty awesome sign with a lot of help from the female coaches for the Opening Day Parade!
It was a little dreary...spitting rain and overcast...which made for great photography!  I love not having to deal with shadows.  I still can't handle editing them yet. 
He's cute #11!  We love our double-digit midget!!  hehe!  It's his nickname now that he is 10. 

Let the games begin!  Game #1 was a loss, but a huge learning experience for the coaches.  The kids need a lot of practice playing baseball and dealing with runners.  They are allowed to steal this year, so what should be a single can easily become a triple or home run between the stealing and the overthrows.  They had their ups and downs during the game and showed improvement as the game went on.  They'll be better next time I just know it!
Jared played right field for a few innings, 1st base for half an inning and then he played 2nd his favorite position for the rest of the game!  He caught an infield fly and had some great throws!
He loves baseball which makes me happy because I too love the sport!  As long as he is having fun, that's all that matters! 

P.S.  Phillies season opener was today!  They won!  I'm happy!

Much love.

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