Monday, April 2, 2012

Busy Has a New Meaning...

Being busy has a new meaning now that I am working.  This is me on my first day of work.  I went out on a ledge and wore my Lime Green glasses!  They are fun...and a little quirky...kinda like me!
These aren't the best photos, but I was asked to take pictures of my outfit on my first day of work and I didn't remember until I was home, so there is a lot of shadowing and I am tired as can be.
I leave the house before Jared gets on the bus and don't get home until after his homework is done. It's sad. I wish I could be a bigger part of his regular routine, but my schedule doesn't allow at the moment. You know what that means? I better make up for it on the weekend! I didn't do a great job last weekend, but this past weekend I think I did a great job! We spent Opening Day today as a family, went to church, went out to dinner and watched The Kid's Choice Awards while eating smores popcorn (Yes, it is as good as it sounds) and talking about who should win and what the "kids" think about so and so!  Let's just say I learned about a little boys thoughts!   It was precious!  He is totally in love with iCarly i.e. Miranda Cosgrove.
She's cute, that's for sure!  More kid news: All the girls "hate" Selena Gomez because she is dating Justin Bieber and "Bieber is their man."  Those are quotes directly from a 10 year old little boy's mouth.  I nearly peed my pants!  Oh and apparently this doesn't start in 4th grade.  It starts in 2nd.  God, help me and all the mothers and fathers and little girls out there. 

Aside from learning about the kid celebrity drama, we spent Sunday outside making bow and arrows, painting rocks, weeding, planting vegetables and flowers, mulching, running through sprinklers, and playing at the beach!
I love my boots.  They are my working boots and they got dirty this weekend!  Below are pictures of my gardens that I worked on.  Remember that we live in a rental so there is only so much that can be done.

There are three tomato plants and two pepper plants so far.  Herbs will be added shortly.

The beach was a blast too!  I didn't take any photos because I was juggling Lira and busy watching and partaking in skim boarding with a boogie board!  Jared got wet and was super stoked!  We both got a little bit of sun and feel and look healthy!  We ended the day with some Easter Egg Dying!  It was a blast!  Neighbors stopped by and we had a random, but super casual and sweet evening filled with laughter, wine and colorful eggs!

Happy Monday!  May the balancing of work and pleasure prevail!

Much love.


  1. You look adorable! I'm impressed, when we rented, I didn't plant a thing...we were a 2nd floor apartment though. I'm not looking forward to weeding, but am excited to try having tomatoes this year.

    1. Gardening & weeding is a form of therapy for me! It's so relaxing and the fresh air is always welcomed! I rent a house with a yard, so having a little garden isn't too challenging. Good luck with your tomatoes!

  2. The glasses are great! I need to get a new pair before too long, and I'm definitely leaning towards the bold and bright look myself. :)

    1. Thank you!! I get them for really cheap at$20 a pair!


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