Monday, March 5, 2012

Rainy Days...

This weekend was rainy and while my golfer husband doesn't enjoy the rain at all, I kindly remind him that without rain his lovely golf courses would be quite brown and ugly.  He loves me so much when I tell him that!  Needless to say, rainy weekends call for messy houses because we are all trapped inside, lots of laundry from the week and the mud, movies, cuddles, good books, and the list goes on. 

This weekend I did lots of laundry with a little help from Lira!  Yes, that pile is that big.  The amount of laundry a little boy, grown man and myself make in a week is amazing.

J-man and I took advantage of the rain and crafted!  We had to get creative because we didn't have much to go with.  This banner was the result of our crafting.  Mine creations are the middle two.  The bookends are J-man's.

Oh and the little man had baseball tryouts this weekend as well! The outdoor fielding tryouts were canceled, but the indoor hitting tryouts went really well!  Little man hit all of the pitches with one foul tip.  Ryan said he was one of the better kids! 

Puppies at doors make me smile!  Her little paws knocking at the door and her little head peaking in at me are precious!

But with rain and comes wet puppies and muddy paws, so towel rubs are one hundred percent necessary.

Another thing that puts a smile on my face...Surprise Packages from Grandparents!! And when those surprise packages are handmade, my smile grows a bit more!  J-man was the lucky recipient of the package this time!

It's soft. It's flexible. We already know it's handmade. What could it be??

It's an apron!!! 
He thinks it's super cool!!
Time to Bake!!!

The cutest thing was when he asked me if Great Gran sewed every thread!  I was very tempted to say Yes because she is that amazing, but I was honest and told him she hand picked the fabric and then sewed the apron for him.  After inspecting the entire apron, trying it on and asking what the pocket was for, he promptly hung it up with my aprons!  It was super sweet! 

Much love.

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