Saturday, February 11, 2012

This Northerner is HAPPY!!

It SNOWED!!!  Big, huge, puffy, amazing flakes were falling from the sky with grace and spunk!  The calm and warmth that comes with snow never ceases to amaze me.  Hannah, our awesome New England neighbor and friend, came out and joined J-man and I in a snowball fight!  We were the only ones outside.  Obviously we are the only cool peeps on the street. 
Thank heavens Santa knew what he was doing this Christmas and got Jared a killer winter coat, snowpants, gloves, boots and a hat!  Man, that dude is wicked smart!
**patting myself on the back**

It didn't know too much, but J-man sure made the best of it!  After beating Hannah and I with snowballs...yes, I got a few to the face thanks to that little boy... he threw snowballs at bottles from the recycling and then made this creative snowman!
Sweet, eh?!?!
He's a proud papa with frozen hands!  Luckily, hot cocoa and whip cream just happened to be on hand!  I love being prepared and making memories without even trying! 

Tonight was fun!

Much love.


  1. I love the picture of Jared and his snowman! I wish I could embrace the snow like that! Also, you need to come to my place. Bring hot cocoa in cozy mugs with you.

    1. I'd love to come to your place with cozy mugs, hot cocoa and some Baileys! Yes, hot cocoa with a half shot of Baileys is perfecto!! It's creamy and warm and perfect!!

      Ryan can't seem to embrace snow either. Hannah and I were soaked because we only had sweatpants and windbreakers on, but we still loved it and went to town throwing snowballs! We are both from the NE, so I guess that's why we love it. I hope you learn to embrace the snow! Jared was so happy that I was out there playing with him! Totally won some brownie points today! Making memories baby!


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