Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thank you for your application...

"...But we have decided to consider other candidates for the ."

"Although we were impressed with your skills and experience, we regret to inform you that the hiring manager decided to pursue other applicants."

"At this time, we have decided to move forward with other candidates."

"There wasn't a match between your interest and qualifications and the needs of our the position."

These are the types of emails I have been receiving lately.  They definitely take a toll on one's ego and image of self-worth. There is little joy in hours of searching for the best available jobs, taking upwards of 2 hours to complete an application, and then within 24 hours receiving an email heartbreakingly politely informing you that you in fact did not get the job.  As you can imagine, it's challenging to stay positive.  On the bright side, I have learned a great deal of compassion for those who are searching for employment. 

Much love.


  1. Sorry to hear this. I've learned so much about the job searching world this past month as well and it stinks! Applications are SO time consuming. I feel like they make them as long as possible in hopes that as many people won't apply. Then I wonder if a human even sees or reads it. I just get automated responses back, so who knows. Yesterday, I actually got a letter and was hopeful, but just a rejection one :/ It definitely takes a toll of self-worth. I'm luck to not "need" a job, just want a new one. Have you considered taking an easy job? Maybe retail or something like that to make some extra cash and fill your time for now. Maybe that would boost your spirits. Praying for your job search!

  2. I actually just got a call about a teaching position with ITT Tech. It's not necessarily a lot of money, but the teaching experience will be really nice! I have an interview on Friday! I'll keep you posted.

    I find it ironic that the day I post this is the day I get a call instead of an email.

    Good luck to you! It's nice to not "need" a job or "need" the money.

  3. Sorry to hear that Sarah! Luke had a very hard time finding a job teaching a couple of years ago and it was so disheartening. He applied and applied for about 1 year (not to discourage you) but he did finally find something and he really likes it. I think everything happens for a reason and that when the right job for you comes along it'll be yours. Keep your head up and keep applying, even though it's no fun!

    1. Thank you, Meghan! I actually received a call for an interview on Friday! Of course that happened after I wrote this post. I hope it goes well! I'm glad Luke got a job that he likes. The market is rough and teachers have it even tougher. I have several friends that have been subbing for years because they can't seem to get a FT job. The searching process is rough.


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