Tuesday, February 28, 2012


J-man graduated from D.A.R.E.: Drug Abuse Resistance Education today!  He was a cutie in his white DARE t-shirt singing with his classmates. I personally think that 4th grade is a little young for children to learn about drugs and alcohol, but from the 4 essays that were read and the questions being asked, kids are exposed to much more than I was at the age of 9 or 10.  I never went through a DARE program, but I can remember my friends in other schools talking about it and I really think it was around the 6th grade...middle school age. 

We gave our parental consent because the local school district provides DARE to all 4th graders and we believe that DARE can be extremely beneficial to students.  This could potentially be the only time that J-man would be exposed to the DARE program in a school setting, so we took advantage of it. 

The police officers that taught the program were great!  I met them today and could not have hoped for a sweeter, funnier, yet stern group of men.  They were perfect for 4th graders with their balance of humor and seriousness.  The students seemed to really enjoy them and were hands down the most well behaved that I have ever seen them...and I've been to a lot of presentations this year.   The students' behavior alone speaks volumes about the D.A.R.E. instructors. 

I am very proud of J-man!  He is doing great in school and great at home!  We are spending a lot of time together baking, crafting, throwing the baseball, watching movies and hanging out.  I love him to pieces!!

What are your thoughts on the DARE program and children learning about drugs and alcohol in the 4th grade?

Much love.


  1. We did DARE in 5th gr. at my school and I think it helped with going into middle school the next year. There's a lot of peer pressure out there and it's not all for pot, alcohol and cigarettes. Huffing glue was big in my middle school. Any little bit helps, even early on b/c I think the pressure starts earlier these days.

    1. I'm glad you had a positive experience with it. I was at the same school from K-8 and my class size was very small. My middle school pressures were held to a minimum...probably a result of having a good group of kids in my class.
      J-man seems just fine with all the knowledge he has. He does give into peer pressure fairly easily, so I worry about him. He is a "pleaser" at times which is fine in some situations, but dangerous in others. Hopefully DARE will have a strong and positive influence on him and his classmates in the future.

  2. From J-man's Great Gran:

    The pictures are great. Thank you very much. J-man looks very handsome getting his award.
    I think the dare is great. It does seem very young but now days things are happening to the very young.


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