Monday, January 23, 2012

A Welcomed Rainy Weekend

Isn't this face just irresistibly cute?!  Love Hawkeye!  He is the laziest male dog Lira takes laziest female dog I've ever seen, so having both of them together was very uneventful! 
Uneventful explains my entire weekend and it was glorious!  It rained on and off, wasn't too cold, but just cold enough to send a chill down your spine because of the dampness that hung in the air, and offered a wonderful excuse to stay in comfy clothing and read or watch football if you care about that stuff :) 

I am hooked on The Hunger Games series.  Yes, I know it isn't a challenging read, but since Wednesday afternoon I have read two books entirely and I am well into the third. That's what happens when the house is clean, you don't have a job, and it's raining outside!  Super exciting, I know!  (I'll write a review once I am done all of them, but so far, I highly recommend them to anyone looking for an exciting, easy read.)

A very successful Target trip, yoga, trip to Barnes & Noble, Mass and new friends made my weekend even better!  I love the feeling of a good deal and amazing new clothes and that's just what I got when I went to Target!  Two pairs of dress pants, a sweater, two shirts, a skirt, yoga pants, some Valentine's Day decorations, shoes, undershirts, sports bra and makeup for under $100!  Practically everything I purchased was 50-70% off!  I think I did very well!  

As for yoga...half moons and pyramids were hell for me.  I didn't feel it after I was done or the next morning, but while I was in the position, I was cursing my knees that hyper extend.  I am generally flexible, but those moves had it out for me this weekend.  Even with those moves, I love yoga and the lovely ladies that accompany me...Julia, Hannah and Heather, you all rock! 

Mass was very nice this weekend.  As some of you know, I can get very frustrated with priests when they force their opinions on me and when the topic of Abortion was mentioned during Father's homily, I immediately got tense.  To my great surprise, Father knocked it out of the ballpark!  He didn't turn it into a you're a horrible person if you have an abortion or you are killing a child or political debate.  Instead he spoke of the beauty of life, the ways individuals learn to make decisions and how our decisions impact those around us.  He told us to live by example and love everyone.  The more we love and care for others, the better the world will be.  If we are Christian, then we are forgiving; people make mistakes or regret decisions or not...regardless, as Christians, we need to be forgiving of all actions.  It was a touching homily and I felt blessed to hear it.  Thank you, Father Mario!

New friends are great, especially when they live across the street!  Since living in Virginia, I have met a ton of wonderful people and I am lucky to have added another great gal to my list of friends! 

Walks in the rain with little Lira and my love were plentiful!  Any excuse to wear my boots and I am all about it!  Gosh, they are great!

Ryan used coupons!!!  It was a proud moment! 
And they looked like twins aside from their difference in size of course!

I hope your weekend was wonderful!  Ryan is quite sad about the 49ers loss to the NY Giants, but that disappointment is nothing new to a Philadelphia fan. 

Oh and today I had an interview!  Please pray that I get a second one or the job!  Thank you in advance!

Much love.


  1. Can I just say I am extremely impressed with your Target trip? Wow. That's a lot of awesome stuff for under a Benjamin! I, too, have yoga pants from Target. Did you get the Champion brand? Mine are full length, so I discovered I don't like wearing them for sweaty workouts, like Insanity, but they're my absolute favorites for lounging around the cabin or taking a plane trip. SO COMFY.

    I'm glad you had an awesome weekend!

    1. Thanks! Yes, they are the full length black Champion ones with the fold down waist! LOVE THEM! I won't do a super sweaty workout in them either, but they are good for yoga and amazing for lounging! I will definintely be flying in them when we do fly.


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