Wednesday, January 18, 2012


As soon as J-man got off the bus on Friday, we headed golfing!  I played really well...2 pars!!  Yay for me!  J-man played well, not his best round, but once he starting swinging hard and listening to Ryan's comments, he played much better.  We are both works in progress.  This is a fake swing, but I really liked the idea of this picture, so I made Ryan pose.

New Year Resolutions are made and quickly forgotten. Not this year, 2012 is different. I feel strong this year. My moods are strong which doesn't always bode well for those around me. My opinions are strong. My determination is strong. Frankly, my muscles are getting strong too! Thanks to yoga, dancing and medicine balls.

Dance more - check! Ryan and I had our second dance lesson and it was glorious! We both had much more fun and learned more technique. I caught a glimpse of our new and improved waltz posture and thought damn, we look good...almost like we actually know what we are doing! Go us! I received a bit more technique instruction...point my toes, pretend to dance with a book between my legs to avoid looking frog-like, keep my butt in, shoulders down and back. Overall, a good starting point for proper posture is to pretend you are zipping your jacket all the way up; this extends your spine and creates a long, beautiful posture to which you add the proper frame and leg extensions.

Read More - check! I read The Art of Racing in the Rain, am midway through The Namesake and just started reading The Hunger Games. I have the Kindle app on my iPhone and realized that I am able to borrow books from friends who have purchased kindle books! Genius! Thanks, Mel! I only have 14 days to read each borrowed book, so I am spending my spare time staring at my little iPhone because The Hunger Games are good...super easy to read, but good nonetheless.

She's my little reading companion!
Write More - check! Letters have been sent in addition to my thank you notes. There is something about new stationary that gets me in the writing mood! I've found that Marshalls has some great stationary for quite cheap in comparison to most stores. Also, I started keeping a journal. I don't write a lot, but I write enough. It's a little something that I hope to be a gift for Ryan and my children in the very distant future...

Still no job. I've been studying for my GMATs. Photography has been here and there; I seem to be getting a better grasp on my photo editing program which is nice. Walks have been part of my daily routine and this lovely lady is happy as a clam to accompany me!  The fresh air doesn't hurt one bit either.

Oh and big news in hubby's world.  The 49ers won this weekend!  We were able to enjoy a little free date time while J-man was at a birthday party!  I thought a BL Lime was a good brought feelings of summer and baseball back to me!

Speaking of baseball...J-man has tryouts for minor league in March, so we are practicing daily!  We discovered as a family that I, yes, the only girl in the house, have the best baseball technique!  My catching, throwing and fielding pretty much dominate the family.  J-man is lucky to have such a great coach except he prefers dad to coach him for real.

Good luck with your 2012 resolutions!!! Have a great week!

Much love.


  1. Good for you! I've been sticking to mine pretty well so far, but it's taking away from blogging :(

    1. Good job!!! You still seem to be posting once or twice a week which is good! Once I have a job, it will be much harder, but since I am currently unemployed, I have had much more time on my hands.
      P.S. Interview on Monday :)


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