Friday, January 13, 2012

I've Got the Fever

the dancing fever!

If you read this post about my 2012 goals and resolutions, you already know that dancing is on that list.  My lovely husband helped me achieve my goal and a promise we made to each other before getting married by purchasing a Groupon for 3 dance lessons. 

**Side note: Upon saying "I Do" we also made two very specific promises.  I promised that I would learn to golf and Ryan promised that he would learn to dance.  These are two things that a)we individually feel passionate about and enjoy and b) that we can do until we are much older...unlike soccer or mountain climbing.**

Dancing is something I have never had any formal training in, but have done for years and can get by on the dance floor.  I know the basics for East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Two-Step, Waltz, can hold my own through a line dance, fast swing i.e. the Hustle, and in general know how to move to the music.  Thanks Mom and Dad!  My love for music and dancing are two gifts, other than the obvious ones, that I will carry through life and try to instill in my children. 

So, we show up to our local Arthur Murray Dance Studios and fall in love.  The instructors look like Dancing With the Stars professionals and apparently have the hook-up there. They were nice, easy going, yet very professional.  Ryan and I hear music counts differently in our heads and our instructor picked up on that immediately and started teaching us each in our own fashion.  Before we knew it, we were doing the basic box step, a little rumba, east coast swing with the rock step, and west coast swing with the one, two, three, and, four stepping on the "and" was awesome! 

I was very proud of Ryan because he was completely out of his comfort zone, but still went out there and gave it his all!  That's not easy to do.  Thanks Babe!  While I don't have any photos of us looking at our feet and thinking we look ok dancing, here are some photos of our instructors...
See the personality?!?!  I do and I love it! 
We had no idea that they were ranked nationally and internationally, but they are and we totally lucked out!  Ryan's even talking about continuing lessons past the first three weeks!  I am super excited!  If I am able to take any photos next week, or if I can snap any of us practicing in the living room, I will for sure! 

Oh how I missed dancing! 

Happy (hopefully long) Weekend!  We have some fun plans - golfing, bowling, yoga, a birthday party, maybe a day at the beach and of course, some football viewing.

Much love.


  1. this is so cool! i LOVE dancing. chris does not. he will not step a foot near a dance floor. the only dance he's ever done was our wedding dance:/ i'm holding out for mother/daughter dance classes with Evie!

    i think it would be great to stick with. it's good exercise (something you can take into old age) and a skill you will use fairly often (with weddings, etc). it's a great "outlet." i'm impressed with all the forms of dance you already know!

  2. Ryan does not love dancing either. The only reason he is doing this is because he promised me he would learn to dance. I was on the golf course this afternoon with him (which is not comfortable for me). Private lessons are so much less stressful and just knowing the basics can make a world of difference. I wish Ryan and I would have choreographed a first dance.

    Mother/Daughter dance lessons would be so much fun! I grew up with dancing in my house. My parents dance all the time for fun and my dad's eyes are closed almost every single time.

    I learned how to dance at Montana West in Quakertown, PA. It's a country line dancing place. Older guys...grandpa age...taught me. It's so much fun!


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