Thursday, December 22, 2011


Walks help me in so many ways...mentally, physically, emotionally. There is something about being outside, alone, and breaking a sweat.
  • I power walk to feel better about my body image and in turn that helps me physically and mentally.
  • The fresh air works wonders on my emotions. I'm a girl who doesn't bode well being couped up inside.  When the mood swings start, I know that I haven't been getting enough fresh air. 
  • Having a little puppy to enjoy the walks with my helps me enjoy nature a bit more.  She slows me down and makes me smell the roses or should I say enjoy the grasses and thick, low hanging fog that dances across the water.
Morning walks are a daily occurrence with my little Lira.  She goes gaga over the word walk (in a really high pitched voice)!  Heck, she sees me grab my sneakers and she starts jumping up my leg followed by a few figure-8's around the house!  Her excitement alone makes me smile!

Nature is beautiful!  From the white herons that fly over my head every morning, to the beautiful paintings of the skies, to the glow of the moon, first blooms, falling leaves, vibrant berries in the mist of a brown, I am amazed.  We really do have a beautiful, sometimes you just need to look beyond the obvious and open your eyes to seeing in a different light. 

I foresee many walks in my future.  Between not being employed and the change in weather, I know I will need all the fresh air I can get!  I'm trying to be proactive and prevent any negative mood swings if possible.  I vow to not panic about not having a job until January 2nd.  Once January 2nd comes, the job hunt is on big time.  If I am lucky, I'll hear back from one of the companies I applied to this week. 

If you are traveling for the holidays, I wish you safe travels and happy reunions!

Much love.


  1. I love walks too! I walk our dog at night when the kids are in bed so I can get some alone time. It really helps me organize my thoughts and I feel good afterward.

  2. That's a great idea! I used to do that during the summer when it was lighter later, but with it getting so dark so early, I haven't been walking alone at night (our dog is worthless on the protection front). Walks work wonders for me!


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