Monday, November 14, 2011

Little Joys!

Beautiful Fall Days
Today was absolutely gorgeous!  Bright blue skies, beaming sunshine, unusually warm weather, turning leaves and a perfect breeze!  Days like today bring a renewed sense of joy to my life and offer a great excuse to work outside, take pictures and open windows!
Sweet Mint
And what better drink to have than ice cold water with sweet mint ice cubes!  Thanks to my Virginia friends, Melissa and Allison, I have my very own sweet mint plant growing away on my kitchen windowsill and I was inspired to put the mint in ice cube trays with a little water and freeze away! 

Let me tell you, it tastes amazing!  There is just the perfect amount of sweetness!  If you have public water, the mint washes away all of the public water taste!  I grew up on well water and can drink almost any water, but my heart will always be with well water and now mint water!  It's divine!  Thanks for the idea ladies!

For you concerned bloggers, J-man is doing much better and the mean click is starting to fall apart...thank God.  Slowly but surely the boys are starting to realize that it's not as much fun to only play with a few kids and leave other kids out.  J-man took our and your advice, made some new friends and stayed true to himself!  We are very proud of him.  He has become a spy over these past few weeks and has built some awesome lego creations.  He also asked to read the book Number the Stars!  That was awesome to me because I absolutely LOVED that book growing up and was surprised and happy that he wanted to read it.  We took a little adventure to Barnes & Noble and used a gift card to get it! 

Thank you for your concern and while I doubt this is the end of J-man being the target of the bullying, I have confidence that he will be able to stand strong though it because he knows he has family that loves him!


Happy Two Year Anniversary to my sister and brother in law!!!  I am very lucky to be a part of your family and love you two to pieces!!  Congratulations!

Thrift Stores
I love THRIFT STORES!!  I have been hunting for a bedskirt for a long, and I mean looong time and I finally got one...for 99-cents!  Oh yea baby!  It isn't perfect, but it's perfect for the price!  My bedroom is slowly, but surely looking more and more complete.  A wooden vine wreath was also purchased for a lovely $2.00!  It will be decorated and hung this holiday season!  Last, but not least, I got the most amazing Christmas dress!  It's classy, sexy and absolutely perfect!  Here is a fuzzy phone picture...

I fall in love with her silly face, her love of cuddles and her random craziness! Today she was outside with me while I as doing homework and she was attacking the grill cover.  Why you ask?  I have no idea, but it provided me with thorough entertainment!  Here's little miss Lira hiding from me!
Oh My Heavens!  I absolutely love this new website!  Pinterest has wonderful DIY projects, baking ideas, decor solutions, dinner recipes, you name it!  I am in love with teh melted snowman sugar cookies, the endless wreath ideas, and the erasable marker picture fram chore list!  I will be dedicating an entire post or two to Pinterest in the very near future, but for now, if I were you and I had a few extra minutes, I'd hop on over to the site and fall in love!

Much love.


  1. Okay, so I'm breaking an officer's cardinal rule of proffering no excuses, but I think I need to. I am so sorry I've been cut off these past few weeks. Back to back field exercises, getting ready to PCS, and visiting Ross has kept me more than busy! I had totally planned on calling and getting the skinny on Jared's situation, but I'm glad to read that he's working through it. Broke my heart to read that entry.

    Aaand... THANK YOU! I'm glad we found our ways into the same family, and am disappointed that I didn't make it up your way more often in the past few months that I've been stationed out here.


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