Sunday, November 13, 2011

Christmas Picture Sneakpeak

Christmas is right around the corner and Christmas card designs have been on my mind.  This weekend, we all got dressed up and took some pictures!  Since we all wanted to be in the photos, we used a tripod for most of them and then each took turns for a few others. 

Here is a sneak peak: 
oops...several completely chopped our heads off while others were so shadowy that they simply could not be used. 
 Some were good...
Others had funny faces...

Overall, the session was a success, but the keepers are a secret until our Christmas cards have been sent and received!  This is only our second year doing it.  This was our card last year:
Do you personalize your Christmas cards?

Much love.


  1. I used shutterfly for the first time last year and LOVED the way they turned out. I love how you and MJ are motivated to take current pics. My hubby and I usually dress up at Christmas and take a few photos around our tree and then use those pics for our card the following year. It works for now b/c we don't change that much from year to year, but we won't be able to get away with it once we have kids I'm sure.

  2. I ussed Walgreens last year and wasn't 100% satisfied - I thought the color was off a bit. This year I used "simplytoimpress" because I received a livingsocial deal from there. Hopefully they turn out well!! If not, I will go with Shutterfly next year!
    This is only my second year designing my own Christmas cards and my husband got me a nice camera for my birthday last year, so it's another excuse to experiment!! :) I did exactly what you did last year (took a picture from the previous Christmas).


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