Friday, October 14, 2011

Neptune Festival

Apologies for my lack of blogging.  Midterms have consumed my life...

Better late then never...two weekends ago, we ventured down to the oceanfront for a little family fun with some friends of ours!  The ocean was in rare form with killer waves from the recent storms that have been rolling through at approximately 5pm every Thursday.  On a normal basis, I wouldn't have a clue as to what days it storms here, but every Thursday I have night class, and every Thursday, practically without fail, I am driving to class in a torrential  Back to the Neptune was awesome!  The ocean and sky were very expressive!
The sand building was out of this world!  According to a few signs I read, a special sand with clay in it was imported for the international sculpturers to use. Here are some of the amazing sand arts!

This was  my favorite!

The mythical god, Neptune doing his thing!
Little boys riding warrior fish!

This little boy knows what's up! Be Green!

Family photo time!  (Thank you, Julia!)
It's rare we get a family photo, so I will treasure this one!  And this little boy loved looking at the sand castles, but really wanted to do some building himself.  He ended up making a mound with a point on the top.  We knocked it down because it looked a little was intended to be a mountain, in particular part of the Blue Ridge mountains.  He is currently learning the 5 regions of Virginia: Piedmont, Tidewater, Valley & Ridge, Appalachian Plateau, Blue Ridge.  I happened to learn a few things as well :)

I was loving the Phillies hat!  Yes, that was all my doing.  Notice the P on Ryan's hat as well!!  hehe!  Sadly, my boys lost...major tears and shock in this household.  The tears may have been a result of brewfest...

And boys will be boys when there are Funnel Cakes!  Less than three minutes and this bad boy was gone, fingers were licked and smiles were seen.  It was impressive if I do say so myself. 
Happy Weekend!
Much love.


  1. I always wondered about the type of sand they use...interesting. Looks like you had fun!

  2. Me too! I knew it had to be special because my sand art never holds up for an hour, let alone weeks. :)


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