Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weekends Together

Weekends spent with loved ones are perfect! There is never a dull moment with cousins running around, grandmothers cooking, football games, tons of girl talk and lots of rushing!  We are always rushing no matter how planned our trips are. 
This trip I enjoyed some girl time for the first time in a what seems like an eternity and it was glorious!  Friday night, Mo, my mom and I ate apple crisp, drank tea and talked about anything and everything! Mo and I have an apple tradition in that every fall we bake something with apples, drink tea or wine now that we are of age, and talk!  Since I wasn't home in time to actually bake, she did the baking and we did the eating, talking and drinking together!  Thanks MBYB!
Saturday was another girl date!  Jamie and I went to a winery, had a lovely free tasting (free tastings are the best kind)! and then we bought a bottle, drove home and immediately drank it for good measure!  We talked, cried and had a very nice and much needed rainy day inside.  
I am lucky to have the most amazing friends in the world!  Each one understands me in their own way, they all fill a part of me and together my friends (family included) complete me!  You know who you are and you are the best!
What's a fall weekend without a little football and crazy kinds!?!?  Nothing I say, nothing! 
Crazy kids. 
Boys will be boys!  I know this photo is out of focus, but I absolutely love it!  Jared and Aaron love each other and had a blast playing in the bleachers! 
Go #50! That's my little brother whom just happens to be the tallest in the family...sigh.  He is in the green and gold closest to us.
 He's a cutie.
LC lost an alum in the September 11th attacks.  He was a football player, an father-to-be and a loving husband.  We honored is life and his legacy at the Saturday evening football game.  God bless him and his family.
Miss Casey loves her grandma and loves to ask Who are you? to everyone!  It's a toss up as to whether she likes hearing your answer or answering who she is better!  She is in the prime of the questioning phase and cute as a button! 
After the ball game which was a terrible loss Ryan, Jamie and I headed out for a drink!  Ryan is loving the Octoberfest by Sam Adams and I am loving anything blueberry!  MmmMmmMmm!! 
Note to self: Saturday vigil Mass is amazing because it allows for this on Sunday morning!
Nothing like a bed full of boys and a doggie in the morning! Sleeping in is a lost art.  6am comes much to early in the morning when you saw the AM hours before going to bed.  Waking up to the sun shining in the window is glorious!
Before the frost takes over and kills my daddy's beautiful flowers, I had to take a few moments to capture their beauty!

My Dad's flowers instantly put a smile on my face!  It's like seeing the stocking hung on the mantle at Christmas! 
Puppies play hard!  The big dog, Bella, is actually less than a year and the little black dog, Lira, is over 2 years old!  Bella loves to play and Lira isn't too down with it, but obliges sometimes!
Oh and my sister has chickens!!  She ordered 8 hens, but got 7 hens and a ROOSTER!
My dad said that he will be Thanksgiving dinner, but my sister will not allow that to happen.  She holds him every single day to make him nice and loves him dearly.  My dad is joking...kinda.   He has a soft spot for his baby girl, so I doubt he will follow through with his statement.  Although, if the rooster is mean, he will be going bye bye. 
That's a really sad note to end on, so I am going to continue typing...
We went on a two hour hike in the woods, saw lots of deer and got dirty!  Yay!  Hiking is my personal version of a spa treatment!  It clears my mind, calms me and brings me back to reality.  I am a better person after a good hike. 
Much love.


  1. Sounds like you are having a fabulous fall! You take great flower pictures! That's so great to connect with your girlfriends. My friends all live very far, but luckily my sisters are nearby.

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Your blog always makes me smile and appreciate our wonderful family and friends. I miss you, honey! I love all of the pictures! Lots of love, Mom


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