Friday, September 16, 2011

Froufrou Fridays

Fridays should be celebrated and what better way to start my day than with a goofy, random and completely off the cuff blog post!  As a way to bring some fun and lightheartedness into my weekend, I've decided to start Froufrou Friday posts!  Froufrou just sounds funny, puts a smile on my face and reminds me of a huge purple toule skirt my grade school best friend and I use to play dress up in and have tea!  
Damn, we sure were cute! 
(Photo of a photo...not the best quality) 
Please note the matching yellow, green, pink and super shiny plastic heals!  They were my first pair and ruined my for life...I love shoes! (I had an entire collage of shoe pictures, but my computer decided to freeze and I lost it *tear*)
While I'm on the topic of shoes, I am totally in love with Hunter boots! 
The tall ones are a must, but what color?!?!  I am thinking either cream, grey or navy, but I really don't know.  I want to be able to wear them with brown and black and I don't want to stand out...yellow would be fun, but I think a bit much for grad school... The super cool thing that I love about them is that the liners are removable!  They are perfect rain boots because we all know how much it rains in VA and how lovely it is to sit through hours of class with wet jeans...nasty & cold.  And they are perfect for winter because they are competely waterproof and have easy to add fleece liners to keep your tootsies cozy!!  I remember the days of putting my boots near the fireplace with hopes that my new and improved angle of approach would help them dry quick enough for my next adventure out in the snow!  Goodbye strategic angles, hello 15 minutes in the dryer!   

Yesterday was 92 degrees in my car and is in the 60's!!!  Oh yea baby, bring on the sweaters, the cute hats and the boots!!!  I will be sporting this lovely new hat that dear Allison made for my while standed in my house during Irene! 

Cute, eh?!?!
I can get used to wearing hats again!  Yay!  As for the sweater and boots pictures, they will have to wait because today is a day of cleaning, homework, packing, lots of coffee, and then last but certainly not least, showering (can't wait)

Random Plug:
Needing dinner ideas?  I know I always do.   I came across this great site that has well explained, super creative and a wide variety of kitchen creations!  Everything from desserts, to soups, brat sliders, breads, jams, etc. can be found here... Cooking with Cristine!  I made the Brat Slider and the Pumpkin Soup!  Both were divine!  Where do you get your dinner ideas?  I seem to get into funks and repeat dinners often...

Lira had an extra skip in her step this morning and I hope you do too!  Happy Froufrou Friday!!!
Much love.
P.S. If you want to join in on Froufrou Fridays, just link up!  I think it could be fun, completely random and the best part, no rules (maybe suggested topics in the future, but nothing mandatory).


  1. My vote is for grey boots. I am currently obsessed with tht hunt for the perfect pair of grey flat boots!

  2. Thank girl! If I see any grey boots, I'll let you know!!

  3. I love Hunter boots! I would go with red because that's the traditional color. I saw a really pretty pair of Hunter red ones that also had a red ribbon around each boot, so nice!! Can't wait to hear what you go with.

  4. I vote for red like Marjorie, but you should have guessed will match my lipstick!! Love you! Mom

  5. Haha! Red is a good idea! I never even considered red, but I like that color choice the more I think about it! Thanks ladies!


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