Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Little Lira

We'd like to announce the newest little member of our household, Lira!  Lira is Jared's two year old puppy; she's a terrier mix!  She arrived late last week and was super excited to see Jared; she is a snuggler and loves, loves, loves to sleep! Now that she is a bit more comfortable with Ryan aka "Big Jared" and myself aka "Not the Mama" (these are the nicknames Ryan gave us because she looked at us like we were aliens for the first few days.  We amused ourselves greatly with made up dialogue in Lira's little doggie brain!) she comes bounding in when I call her name and she doesn't run and hide when she sees Ryan. 

The sun was shining really brightly, so this photo was pretty washed out, but I like it in black and white.  Plus, that is the Who are you and where am I? expression that we get a lot!
Where oh where would we be without our guard dog?!?!  NOT!  We have crazy insane barking dogs in all the yards around us and she just stares at them.  It took a little dachshund puppy, Laney, to teach her how to bark and even then, we laughed because it sounded like a squeak!  Laney also taught her how to be a crazy puppy and run around!  I was worried about her for a while, but now she is showing true signs of puppy insanity.  When I get her leash and say Wanna go for a walk?!?! she runs around in circles and stands on her hind legs!  I love it!!!  While she loves her walks and smells everything and I mean everything, she is exhausted and flops down on the cool floor when it's all over.  And when I say walk, I mean two blocks twice a day; I am not running little Lira into the ground or anything.
I would love for her to be able to go on 2+ mile walks with me every morning!  I'm just building up her endurance for the fall!  Worst case, she'll always make a good arm weight if she can't make the long walks!  Right now she is a tired puppy who enjoyed a little hose bath this afternoon to cool her down nice and good. 
I think I'm falling in love! 
Much love.


  1. LOVE HER!!! She has puppy potential don't you worry

  2. So nice for you to have a dog! Duke slept so much as a puppy. I'd recommend training at Petsmart too. Their affordable and really helped teach basic commands. You definitely have to start slowly with long walks. My brother recently started running 2 miles with their dog (he's a year old) and the dog dropped 10lbs. You have to find out from your vet about walking length and increasing food intake which is something we didn't know. Anyway, I wish you best of luck with her! Dogs are such great companions.

  3. Melissa - So do I! She was soo excited when I came home today! It was awesome!

    Marjorie - She is 2 years old and already trained for the most part. She hasn't have any accidents since the first day (knock on wood). She comes when I call her. She is good at walking on a leash, she just likes to smell everything. I will look up distance and food intake when I actually start taking her on longer walks. Thank you for all the info. She is Jared's puppy (he had her when he was living with his mom), so she just needed a little time to get used to a new place, new people, etc. Dogs are great companions! I always had at least one dog growing up, so I am happy to have one now!!


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