Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Camaro

This post is a request of Ryan.  I was informed that I forgot one of the most important parts of our trip, the camaro and told to write something the camaro because it was awesome! 
Here you go baby!  Ryan and I wouldn't normally splurge on a rental car, but since we hadn't had more than two days off together since Christmas break, we decided to have a little fun and rent a convertible CAMARO!  Why we got the silver one instead of the yellow one, we don't know, but regardless, we had fun in it!
Ryan went up to 113 MPH on a straight stretch of nothingness and would have kept going if I didn't tell him to slow down!  We passed a ton of people and made sound effects for pure entertainment!  It was a ton of fun!  There is something captivating about cruising around under a beautiful blue sky in a sundress, big glasses, crazy hair, a smile on your face and your honey behind the wheel next to you! Note to self: While it may be fun to have your hair flying around for 2 hours straight, if you aren't showering immediately afterwards, it is pretty impossible to look classy without much pain and hair ripping :(

Jared thought it was pretty cool too!  His dad is the best!  Ryan used to have a mustang convertible and little J-rad remembers everything about it.  This camaro was constantly in competition with daddy's mustang!  It was cute.  Sadly we had to drive back to the airport with the top up because the trunk space wasn't big enough for the top and our luggage :(

Much love.

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